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The USAWC and DDE do not endorse any these government web sites however, they can provide some very useful information to students wanting to learn more about effective writing techniques. Some government agencies provide writing programs to their employees online. These three sites are not all inclusive regarding US government-writing programs available via the internet. These sites contain some very useful information War College and other students may find helpful.

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When students are proud of the work they’ve done, they love seeing it in published. Additionally, knowing something will be published for others to see can motivate students to produce better work from the get-go. There are a wide range of publication options online that teachers can use to promote student work. Students can be featured on a school website or blog, but other sites offer different options. Google Drive and Zoho Writer make it possible to turn a writing assignment into a webpage and Yudu and Issuu help make them into a newsletter or e-book. Those are just a few of the many options out there that can help to get students excited about writing.

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I found this one day almost by accident. It has a lot of information that can help kids, especially those in the middle school/junior high grades. Younger kids could also benefit from this site, but high school students would find this site of minimal value compared to other sites that are available to them. I especially liked the section on helping students with . This is a skill that I see lacking sometimes even in my own students. Thankfully, we offer several classes at Philadelphia University that are geared to help students improve their writing skills, as well as tutoring on writing papers.

Best websites for FREE writing prompts for middle and high school students. Great resource for frugal homeschool families!
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These sites can be great tools to help struggling writers, as well as kids who love to write. I’ve seen my students so excited about story writing with StoryJumper and Kerpoof. The Printing Press makes it quick and easy for elementary kids to create nice looking publications. Story Starters is a quick go-to tool when you’re in need of prompts.

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This British-based website provides an interactive tool for creating stories, as well as links to other sites in the United Kingdom where the writing of younger students can be published.

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A range of such websites—specializing in everything from student-created haiku to stories to jokes—are available for student writing. Listed below are some of them.