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Athletes, actors, dancers, and entrepreneurs use visualization to help create the results they desire. You can use the power of visualization to support your writing efforts, too.

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Critiquing: Some advice on helping other writers.
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Helping each other write better.

But this exercise isn’t about me. I want the people here to post to highlight their stories. I’m raising profiles, helping nurture thought leaders, I’m boosting the company. Ghostwriting is a skill. I have it, so I’ll bring it to bear on this job. Simple as that.

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The Writing Cooperative is a community of people helping each other write better. to join our Slack team, get fresh eyes on your writing, and participate in the !

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What do you get when you mix trusted Hacker content with a powerful search that recognizes nonexpert terms—all in a completely online format? Meet Writer’s Help, the newest Hacker handbook—reimagined online.Learn more about the features of Writer’s Help, read about the research behind the product, or log in and get started. Visit It lives online because your students do, and it’s in-tune because it’s informed by research with 1,600 college students. Based on the content writing teachers trust and built around a search engine that recognizes student language, Writer’s Help is a robust, relevant tool that helps close the gap between search and find.We are strong believers in innovation, and are always trying to think about what writers need most of all. Along this line, we are very pleased to bring you something new from Writers Helping Writers: a powerhouse library unlike any other.For us all to grow as writers, it’s important to pull inspiration from a variety of places. The incredible insight of the writing coaches involved in our Resident Writing Coach Program will help you shorten the learning curve. Becca and I are so pleased to showcase such talent here at Writers Helping Writers.When students turn to the most popular search engines for writing help, they often find a vast, unvetted pool of sites, only some of which are reliable. That's a problem.

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It lives online because your students do. It responds to searches by students who may—or may not—know composition terminology. Search results are targeted—grouped into small, smart, useful categories. And students get reliable, class-tested advice from our best-selling Hacker handbooks.

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In personal statements, you should present yourself in a way to convince your audience that you are the best fit in an educational institution. Proceeding from this, questions arise – how to make the best personal statement and where to find help with writing a personal statement. If one of the previous questions bothered you, here is some advice:

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Thank you, Linda. This is kind of a tough series to write, because we know that our readers have physically gone through many of the events that we’re highlighting and we want to be as authentic as possible without trivializing everything. We also want to help the writers who haven’t shared these painful experiences, knowing that if we can write about them in a respectful way, they might benefit, too.