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FRAZIER: It was amazing and synchronistic ... my "two-minute memoir" essay in Psychology Today was a miracle for me as a writer. I'd taken 's essay writing class. She's a wonderful writer and teacher here in New York City and has an exercise called " the humiliation essay," where you write about just that. So I wrote about meeting my husband just after I had the sleepwalk accident that finally brought me into recovery. The lead line was, "I wasn't afraid of going to bed with him, I was afraid of going to sleep with him." Sue is brilliant at point of view and she was the person who helped me to really get the connection between my sleep disorders and my fear of intimacy, and what a strong role my husband's love and gentleness played in my recovery. The essay got the attention of Jill Marsal who became my literary agent, we started working together, and the project was sold to Skyhorse Press.

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But that was then. Now, it's 2008, and I'd just read (or reread) nearly 4 years of strips. And now, now I was ready to write my essay about Frazer and User Friendly.

write my essay frazier
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Frazier, a humorist best known for his essays in The New Yorker, has done a deft and surprising job in selecting the 54 pieces that make up Humor Me. Judging by his choices, Frazier's sympathies seem to lie with the absurdist, dark and almost postmodern — fiction writer George Saunders is represented by his hilarious story "Adams"; the title of one brief essay by Jake Swearingen is "How Important Moments in My Life Would Have Been Different If I Was Shot Twice in the Stomach at Close Range." (You might think this isn't exactly what it sounds like. It is.) The usual suspects (Garrison Keillor, David Sedaris, Roy Blount Jr.) aren't neglected, but the most fun contributions are from newer authors, like Padgett Powell's gleefully profane and bizarre "Scarliotti and the Sinkhole," and Ian Maxtone-Graham's equally profane 11-word essay "Fair Warning." Frazier has cast a wider net for humorous pieces than previous anthologists have, and it turns out to be a wise decision. Although Jamaica Kincaid and David Mamet might not be the first names you think of when someone mentions comedy, their short contributions are standouts, and their inclusion proves that comic writing doesn't have to be zany and punchline-oriented.

Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) award for essay writing.

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