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The present study is a humble attempt to collect and review important literature both conceptual and analytically in nature that enumerates the significance of working capital management practices to different firms and industries, operating in the most competitive global business scenario over a considerable period of time. The studies pertaining to working capital management necessarily discuss about corporate practices in managing individual components of current assets, identifying the sources of working capital and controlling the cost of managing inventory, receivables and payables with the basic motto to have a trade-off between the liquidity-risk-profitability aspects of every organization, which ultimately aids to the shareholder’s net worth. The major objectives of having such a literature survey is to understand the importance of the study, to analyze the past research work pertaining to the study area, and finally to identify the research gap, if any. In the current study a significant number of research works, conducted mostly in India, and a few more from abroad, were discussed on a selective basis out of numerous past literature available in the area after having a careful investigation of their coherently linkage with the theme of working capital management. All the literature so discussed are then placed in a sequential manner as and when they appeared to have a legible understanding. It is expected that the review of literature so conducted would enrich the fundamentals and induce necessary stimuli to the analytical mind for furthering the research on this area.

Review Of Literature For Working Capital Management

a review of literature of relating to the working capital management.
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a review ofliterature relating to the working capital management.

In today's challenging economy, with increasing environmental pressures and limited external resources, the current assets and liabilities as working capital have great importance and Optimal management of working capital of firms can be considered as a Competitive advantage for them. The main axis of this research is how development of working capital management influences on profitability and liquidity as two important factors of financial performance. This paper is an analytical - descriptive research that reviews the existing literature in this field and classifies them into two groups including the impact of working capital strategies on the performance and the other one is the impact of working capital indicators on the performance. This survey investigates the relationship between working capital strategies and working capital indicators with the performance of organization. The survey result shows that the impact of working capital strategies and indicators on profitability and liquidity should be considered simultaneously in development of working capital management.

a review of literature relating to the workingcapital management.

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A review of empirical literature shows that the effect of working capital on the profitability of firms have been excessively studied in manufacturing companies. Ordinary least square regression and Pearson correlation was used as technic of analysis but their findings differ. The general trend indicates that effective management of working capital leads to an increase in profitability Richards [] while Stephens [], finds contrary results. While carrying out the research, the researcher didn’t find directly related research topics carried out in Cameroon. Therefore, the current researcher believed that the problem is almost untouched and that there is a knowledge gap on the area. This implies that lack of proper research study on the area gives limited awareness to Cameroonian company managers in relation to working capital management to increase company profitability. Hence, this study is intended to explore the case of Cameroon.

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Abstract:Purpose - – The purpose of this paper is to review research on working capital management (WCM) and to identify gaps in the current body of knowledge, which justify future research directions. WCM has attracted serious research attention in the recent past, especially after the financial crisis of 2008. Design/methodology/approach - – Using systematic literature review (SLR) method, the present study reviews 126 articles from referred journal and international conferences published on WCM. Findings - – Detailed content analysis reveals that most of the research work is empirical and focuses mainly on two aspects, impact of working capital on profitability of firm and working capital practices. Major research work has concluded that WCM is essential for corporate profitability. The major issues with prior literature are lack of survey-based approach and lack of systematic theory development study, which opens all new areas for future research. The future research directions proposed in this paper may help develop a greater understanding of determinants and practices of WCM. Practical implications - – Till date, literature on classification of WCM has been almost non-existent. This paper reviews a large number of articles on WCM and provides a classification scheme in to various categories. Subsequently, various emerging trends in the field of WCM are identified to help researchers specifying gaps in the literature and direct research efforts. Originality/value - – This paper contains a comprehensive listing of publications on the WCM and their classification according to various attributes. The paper will be useful to researchers, finance professionals and others concerned with WCM to understand the importance of WCM. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, no detailed SLR on this topic has previously been published in academic journals.

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