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Every reputable business has a business license. They generally don't cost that much and are easy to get. It will make your clients feel more comfortable knowing that they are dealing with a licensed professional. Another must for every professional videographer is a legitimate sales contract. You don't need to hire an attorney to make up a contract. A simple statement of the services you are providing and a list of instances that you won't be held responsible for is sufficient. If you need help figuring out what to say, you can find contracts, invoices, and other forms for sale on the video maker Web site. Here are a few policies you may want to put into place. Always collect the money upfront. You should always collect a non-refundable deposit when the contract is signed to hold the wedding date. The remaining balance should be collected on or before the day of the wedding. The clients have to book the day way in advance and so do you. Be very clear of your intentions. Let the client know in advance exactly how long you plan on staying and what events will be covered. Let them know that the extra footage you happen to capture will be a bonus, but offer no guarantees. Have several price plan packages. Having multiple packages to choose from for your clientele creates a better understanding of what is and is not expected in the video. They can include a pre wedding video, reception coverage, or even a photo montage. A good example of this would be to offer a gold, silver, and bronze package with each one offering different levels of coverage and a clear cut definition of what the shooting day entails.

Help and critique my wedding videography business plan, please

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videography business plan - YouTube

A freshman entrepreneur won $2,000 to invest in his drone photography and videography business in the inaugural Abington LaunchBox Business Plan competition.

wedding videography business plan - YouTube

A freshman entrepreneur won $2,000 to invest in his drone photography and videography business in the inaugural Abington LaunchBox Business Plan competition.

Subsequently, a thorough understanding of  is a prerequisite to effective business plan writing for videography businesses.
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Starting a video production company involves planning, research, training and business acumen. Depending on your equipment needs -- dictated by the business type and services offered -- the total investment will vary considerably. Video production companies are involved in many different markets, including general and special event videography, broadcast and corporate productions, creative original films, documentary work. It is prudent to investigate the various markets before deciding on which one to focus your efforts.

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Before you can make any real plans for this new venture, you need to figure out specifically what you want to do. If you don't enjoy weddings, you shouldn't be a wedding videographer. But if you love creating beauty from chaos, then you can edit together people's family videos and photos into polished DVDs that will be family treasures for generations. Maybe you are interested in the art of it and want to start a studio that produces digital films or music videos. The possibilities are endless. You will just want to find your own way to put a stamp on that segment of the business, at least in your area. It's not a good idea to use a shotgun approach and just see what sticks. Have a plan on what you want to do, and move on to the next step.