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SHS junior Dan Fortier has already become a writer of note. Dan entered an outstanding essay on the topic of freedom and liberty for the annual Sons of the American Revolution Essay Contest. The SAR Essay Contest in honor of George S. and Stella M. Knight is designed to give high school students an opportunity to explore events that shaped American history. At Chapter, State Society, and National Society levels, students must submit an original essay, with topics based on original research and deal with an event, person, philosophy, or ideal associated with the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, or the framing of the US Constitution. Winners earn a cash award.

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The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) invites all high school students (9th through 12th grades) interested in the American Revolution to participate in the George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest. The contest is open to all students attending home schools, public, parochial, or private high schools in that same grade range. The National Association ofSecondary School Principals has placed this program on the 2017-18 NASSPList of Approved Contests, Programs, and Activities for Students.

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"The American Revolution appears in a fresh new light in this lively and wide-ranging collection of essays. The authors deftly explore a diverse and contested revolution rich in ironies and importance."—Alan Taylor, author of

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Jacqueline DiGiorgio was overwhelmed when she found out she had won the Southeastern Division in the Daughters of the American Revolution American History Essay Contest.Earlier this year, Dan’s AP US History teacher, Mike Welch encouraged his students to complete a variety of essays to practice writing and exercising their historical thinking skills. Dr. David Schrader, a Sandwich resident and the educational director for the Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution made Mr. Welch aware of this annual opportunity three years ago. Dan decided to take up the opportunity and began a process of writing and revision, shaping his essay into a wonderful original narrative about the concepts of liberty and freedom, what they meant in America at the time of our founding and what those concepts mean to us today. Dan was honored at the Cape Cod Chapter’s meeting in March, which was held at the Dan’l Webster Inn. Dan read his essay to the members and guests in attendance, which included Dan’s parents and Mr. Welch.An expanded version was published as Bailyn, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution. Also see the companion volume by Bailyn, The Origins of American Politics,which offered an excellent explanation for the British royal governorsbeing weak in the eighteenth century at the same time that the King wasdominant at home. A useful summary of the Bailyn thesis is provided byBailyn's "The Central Themes of the American Revolution: AnInterpretation," in S. Kurtz and J. Hutson, eds., Essays on the American Revolution. The scintillating writings of "Cato" have been collected in an excellently edited volume by David L. Jacobson, The English Libertation Heritage.* Write a well-organized essay that explains how the Americans won the Revolutionary War. Your essay should include at least two paragraphs. Submit the brief essay to your teacher by the due date to receive full credit.

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This year's topic was the lives of children during the American Revolution. DiGiorgio's essay was a first person narrative about an immigrant coming to America from a poor area in southern Italy.

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Sons of the American Revolution Essay Contest Contest is for an original researched and proven topic written in English. The topic of the essay shall deal with: an event, person, philosophy, or ideal associated with the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, or the framing of the United States Constitution.

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Given the sheer magnitude of the British military and its empire, the actions taken by the American colonists for independence have long fascinated scholars. Why did the colonists want independence? How were they able to achieve a victory over what was at the time the world’s preeminent military power? What were the consequences of achieving independence? These and many other questions have engaged the attention of economic, legal, military, political, and social historians. In this brief essay we will focus only on the economics of the Revolutionary War.