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lthough, generally speaking, project managers are not expected to demonstrate complicated mathematical and / or statistical capabilities, there are some aspects of both these disciplines where basic knowledge and understanding of some basic concepts can enhance the project managers’ ability to perform fundamental project management duties – primarily around risk management.

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A typical project management approach focuses on processes, policies, and procedures. Every task and step is described in detail by a set of rules. Many companies implement rigid processes that dictate behavior and use statistical methods to control quality (such as total quality management, kaizen, lean management, and Six Sigma). Process guides and rulebooks support work practices, while quality control systems assess and improve these practices.

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Statistics say that by using agile project management, on average, the time to market is 37% faster and the efficiency of you team is increased with a productivity higher by 16% that the average.

[…] Statistics show that the biggest project management challenge facing most businesses (62%) is capturing time/costs against projects. […]
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The objective of this research is to improve the capability of project managers for making informed decisions by providing a reliable forecasting method of the final cost and duration. The method put forth and its evaluation make use of a well established project management method, a recent technique for analyzing schedule performance, and the mathematics of statistics to achieve its purpose – EVM, earned schedule (ES) and statistical prediction and testing methods.In this article, I’ve assembled a few fascinating and shocking statistics regarding project management. I think there are some valuable lessons we can learn.In my experience, one of the best ways to view the task of project management is from the perspective of studies and statistics. I’m no math whiz, but numbers have a way of putting things into perspective and helping me find my place on the maelstrom of management.This statistic, also gleaned from the Spikes Cavell finance survey, touches directly on the nuts and bolts of project management. A project manager needs four things when working on a project 1) Competent high-level planning, 2) Adequate resources, and 3) Sufficient work activity to drive the project to completion, and 4) .

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Below are 15 shocking statistics that reveal how project management has changed and is performing across various industries over the last 5 years.

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The Project Management Body of Knowledge advocates the use of “” within the context of performing quantitative risk assessment analysis. Although in most cases, executing such analysis will require the invocation of some sort of automated software tools, it is important for the project manager to understand the key principles behind the mathematical and statistical analysis performed by this sort of tools.

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