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Business Plan Tools I created this simple toolkit to help you develop your own magazine business plan. It includes my advice about how to manage your startup operation. And it's on sale now for just $97. You can also simplify the process of setting your advertising rates by using our (just $30). Find the most useful how-to books in our .

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Finally, it is vital that you take note that starting a magazine business isn’t really much about the production of the products- magazine. As a matter of fact, a lot lies on the marketing system that you have chosen to adopt per time. Marketing is one of the areas that most magazines battle with. It is for this reason that you may want to hire a marketing expert, who will be available on ground to help in fine tuning the marketing plans you may have.

Plans Made Easy, Start Your Own Business and Entrepreneur magazine.

Are you about starting a magazine publishing company? If YES, here is a complete sample online magazine business plan template & feasibility study you can use for FREE.

If you are serious about starting a magazine, a critical step is drafting a business plan
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Market Analysis workbook (in Microsoft Excel) looking at other magazines and websites in a niche to assess your own idea. The line by line instructions teach you how to study competitors and determine your strongest competitive position.

Business Plan Outline (a Microsoft Word document) Chapter headings and detailed instructions help you describe your ideas and avoid leaving out essential information.

Financials Workbook (in Microsoft Excel) that helps you figure out how much profit you can make and how much startup cash you need. Line-by-line instructions are included so that you can easily complete the workbook, even if you know absolutely nothing about publishing.

Instructions (in Microsoft Word) provides detailed instructions for completing the template files, including instructions for getting cost estimates from printers, setting your subscription and advertising prices, calculating staff salaries, and other essential details. If you have good instincts for what contemporary readers are interested in, a flair for creative written content and graphics, and the ability to manage tight deadlines, starting a magazine could be the right venture for you. Publishing a magazine allows you to participate in American culture by providing news, helpful advice, entertainment and information. But this is not a business to enter into without extensive planning and market research. You must also start with sufficient capital to keep publishing a high-quality product until subscription and advertising revenues reach the breakeven point.

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6. Prepare a business plan. Put your vision for the magazine venture on paper. Present the plan to investors and secure the startup capital you need. Your plan should look sharp and creative, reflecting how your magazine will look.

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There are plenty of legal issues you have to think about when you're starting up a business. Entrepreneur Magazine's Business Plan Pro includes resources to help you navigate the legal waters. From "Trademark Basics for Naming Your Small Business" to the Nolo Small Business Law Center, you'll find answers to most of your legal questions.