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A great deal has been written about the use and representation of magical realism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novels, and certainly, One Hundred Years of Solitudeis a seminal example of magical realism. It is also possible, though, to read this novel as a sociopolitical allegory, not only for Colombia, Garcia Marquez’s native country, but also for other countries around the world, where certain languages, cultures, and ways of life are either threatened or are already disappearing. Write an expository essay in which you explain how . Conclude with an application of the novel to contemporary events, and identify whether this particular novel offers any lessons that we might be able to apply to current social and/or political conditions. You will need, of course, to understand the definition of allegory in order to write on this topic.

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I admire Deresiewicz's perceptiveness, and appreciate his warning, but am not as pessimistic. In this long essay on the loss of solitude, he spends only a paragraph explaining why he regrets the loss: "You cannot hear God when people are chattering at you, and the divine word, their pretensions notwithstanding, demurs at descending on the monarch and the priest....Religious solitude is a kind of self-correcting social mechanism, a way of burning out the underbrush of moral habit and spiritual custom." (While not religious myself, I think I have experienced something like what he describes, as when I touched a redwood last fall.)

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But how does one confront pain and illness ? It is not a pharmacological question, but a moral question… and it is precisely the complexities of this question that Montaigne explores, and shares with us. In his essay On Solitude Montaigne writes, “You are no more to concern yourself how the world talks of you, but how you are to talk to yourself. Retire yourself into yourself, but first prepare yourself there to receive yourself”. The body in illness speaks to us in a voice we cannot ignore. Nevertheless, we must find a way to respond, to continue the conversation with ourselves, in a meaningful and creative way. Pain (like pleasure), illness (like health), “demands an even more profound engagement with our singularity” wrote Charles Taylor. Montaigne would have been in complete agreement. It is a fidelity with oneself which bears the key to health… and to our irrepar

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Society and Solitude is a collection of twelve essays previously delivered as lectures on various occasions and before varied audiences. Each essay is preceded by a few lines of original verse. The volume as a whole lacks the propagandistic fire of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s earlier essays, although there is still a tendency to dwell upon humanity’s better side, almost as though it had no other. Emerson continues also to see the world as filled with good for those who will receive what is offered. One of Emerson’s biographers has called these late writings the cheeriest of Emerson’s essays. Several are more discursive than necessary, but on many pages are the sparkle, wit, and happy phrasing that mark Emerson at his best.

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“Baptism of Solitude” does not pursue the historical meaning of the desert. It is an introduction for moderns and Westerners, but anyone acquainted with the early Christian desert hermits will fill in the psychological side that Bowles’ descriptive and suggestive essay begins to describe. He comes to the edge of this vast topic of desert solitude, of the absoluteness it represents, aware that his reader can only come so far with him. So Bowles concludes about what going to the desert ought to suggest to a modern-minded person.

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I’ve discovered that solitude is necessary for creativity. Solitude is a vital ingredient for the recipe of creativity. I have learned that I write best when I am alone in my study, where there are no distractions from the television, radio, or other people talking. Before sitting down to write this essay, I took several walks in solitude and contemplated the following questions: What are the benefits of solitude? What are the drawbacks? Before writing a poem, I’ll sit in solitude and freewrite, writing down on paper whatever pops into my mind. Solitude is the spark that ignites the flame of creativity.