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You don’t win them by just dropping by every month. Something has to change. To earn their business, sales associates need to declare their intent and form a plan with a timeline. It is amazing what a professional can accomplish when they are committed. The Regional Manager needs to know the intent and the plan. That alone will generate activity. We all perform better when we’re being measured.

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The Sales Manager works to understand the divisional and local area’s housing market to expand the company’s product reach and profit revenues. This includes maintaining the competitiveness of the Division’s current product lines, identifying new product and market opportunities, attracting new clients and collaborating in research of new business opportunities. The Sales Manager will identify and communicate the value proposition in each product segment, likely sales points, develop strategic plans and promotion strategies to achieve sales targets. A champion of industry leading customer service and the stewardship of customer expectations.

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Sales management responsibilities fall directly to the sales manager, who is typically involved in the sales planning activities of business entities. With respect to sales planning activities, the sales manager takes the helm in the conceptualization and development of sales strategies, the setting of profit-based sales targets, sales forecasting, quotas, demand management and most especially, the writing and executing of an agreed sales plan.

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Dan, a medical-supplies salesman from the Midwest and a member of who asked that his full name not be used, used the tactic to his advantage on a recent job interview for a diagnostic-services company. He said the business plan he put together for his interview showed the hiring manager that he had done his homework and was familiar with the company, its products and the market.Traditionally the word sales has meant: the total dollar amount collected for goods or services provided; the exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent; the act of selling. In short, sales has meant money, exchange and hard sale. Small wonder sales agents have to work hard. With this concept it also makes it difficult for a sales manager to implement a successful sales business plan because the business owner - much less the sales manager - can't control any of those processes and guarantee business sales.As a sales manager or businessperson, we need to consider carefully this aspect of our business plan and actually have a section dedicated to the sales business plan. To do that we must understand this key, get our head around this simple idea, and redefine what sales means. If you don't understand the term how can you use it, least of all master it or plan accurately for success without it?I’ve recently customized individual business plan templates for several client sales teams. It is surprising how few sales organizations ask their people to draft annual sales (business) plans. I am huge of fan of having every member of the sales team write and then present their plans to senior management, or even better, to the entire sales team.

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As a member of the Brookfield Homes Management Team, the Sales Manager is responsible to develop, direct, maintain and provide leadership to all members of the Sales team and is accountable for developing and maintaining an effective and efficient sales, marketing (through guidance and collaboration) and administration program capable of meeting the annual business objectives and 5-year Business Plan goals.

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QBRs can be a very positive process. It allows you to take the time to think and look at your business and business plan every quarter and clearly identify your successes and misses. It is a great process to reprioritise your challenges, opportunities and make sure you have plans to address each. Sales manager’s want their sales reps to demonstrate they have a clear understanding of what is going on in his/her business and that they have a plan of action on how they are going to drive their business.

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She has also spent time training business owners, managers, account executives and sales teams in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania in marketing - planning and strategy; sales - selling skills; and internet marketing strategies.