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Resilience appears three times a year. Each issue of the journal features essays of approximately 5,000 words, as well as book reviews, interviews, photographic and other visual essays. We also are interested in translations of significant, published works in the environmental humanities which have yet to appear in English. We will review submissions of 500 to 5,000 words.

"Resilience". Anti Essays. 21 Jul. 2017

This essay will aim to show how Bronte conveys Jane’s resilience – her
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Prioritizing climate change in planning opens the door for a number of resilience building approaches. This essay has tried to show a few of the different ways that cities are approaching this common challenge, and it can take many different forms, from updating financial policies, zoning policies and urban development standards, to replacing an aging mall with a wetland.

"Family Resilience". Anti Essays. 21 Jul. 2017

Responding to Gulfport citizens’ desire to share their experience with other communities, the CARRI Gulfport Team, including researchers at The University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast, worked with community members to document their stories. The essays presented here vary in style and length, but all attempt to capture key lessons learned from the Gulfport community’s daunting experience with Hurricane Katrina. The lessons relate to all dimensions of community resilience – anticipating disturbances, responding effectively, recovering over the long term, and reducing vulnerability for the future. The Gulfport community and CARRI hope that other communities will be able to adapt and apply these lessons to enhance their own resilience.

This essay contains elements which first appeared in “Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back.”
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College applicants often write essays about personal struggles. Sometimes, those stories provide great insight into the human being behind the grades and test scores, revealing strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges, all of which are valuable traits that can help those students be happy and successful in college.

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Nice essay. I like the transformation vs. coping notions as well as multiscalar considerations, I wonder where vulnerability as the opposite end of resilience fits into your conceptual model? In the US, Dr. Cutters work has looked at vulnerability from multiple systems perspectives, although I think the answers for transformation and adaptation necessarily are multiscalar – micro (individual/hh/firm/neighborhood/district) – meso (city infrastructure systems/food systems/ecological services at landscape scale), and macro scale (watersheds/airsheds/megaregions/substate systems/intermetro connections) to be truly descriptive of considerations. You need these levels in mind – because the notions of vertical and horizontal integration are a large part of sustainable cities and regions (and arguably aspects of resilience), but realizing that all urban resilience is inherently local as so much is determined by location choices, land use decisions (intensity/density) and compatibility with environmental, social and economic system considerations. I have a proposal in to US HUD to develop scenario modeling capabilities to learn about the tradeoffs at differing scales and interactions between the different dimensions of resilience, will know in next week or so if we fund. One possible thread you might explore in your work is adaptation of the logic structure of wetlands assessment in the US using the hydrogeomorphic approach (premise is ecological services but can be expanded using logic models)–this can be modified I believe- to create socially constructed resilience rating system that allows local stakeholders and experts to collaboratively define and understand key linkages and +/- feedback loops across resilience dimensions–thats where I am focused at present….cheers!

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