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Focus on a limited aspect, e.g. narrow it down from "Religion" to "World Religion" to "Buddhism". Obtain teacher approval for your topic before embarking on a full-scale research. If you are uncertain as to what is expected of you in completing the assignment or project, re-read your assignment sheet carefully or ASK your teacher.

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A research and writing project may seem big at first, but it gets easier if you break it down into a series of smaller tasks. Check out the to plan out your paper, oral presentation, or video assignment.

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SHORT ASSIGNMENT 2: Prepare a 1-2 page abstract for your final project proposal in which you clearly state your research topic and the theoretical questions you will explore. Include at least 3-5 of the citations that you will use. While newspapers, magazines, and internet resources are acceptable to include if you are researching a very recent disaster, the bulk of citations should come from scholarly works. You may also, however, feel free to reference novels, movies, or artworks if they relate to your topic and add to your argument.The Research Project Calculator, with its advanced features, is a replacement to the Assignment Calculator. You may access the through May 2013.

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The most common research skills assignment is the research paper or project, which helps students learn to synthesize, analyze and interpret information using appropriate disciplinary content and methodology. In and of themselves, however, research papers may not help students learn the many intricacies of research that go into completing a good paper.

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One effective way of teaching research skills is to divide a research assignment-such as a paper or other project-into its component parts. The requirement of completing each step and handing it in for approval motivates students to become familiar with the steps. Some professors make each step in the process a part of the final grade (e.g., annotated bibliography, 10 points) thereby emphasizing the importance of each step.

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A more meaningful, curiosity driven version of the research project begins with student questions. Students should be able to guide research. The teacher can require types of questions which cannot be answered directly from a book. For example, if a student asks, “Which Civil War general was the best?” the gathering of information eventually leads to a student judgment based upon criteria. This evaluation task involves the student seeking information for the purpose of answering a question he or she posed, a very lifelike and lifelong activity. Instead of an assignment in a High School Health class to “go find out about a topic in human sexuality,” students discuss dilemmas in human sexuality such as parenting, birth control and parent/teen conflict. Their research paper assignment is to choose a dilemma to address in detail, presenting both sides of the issue and drawing a personal conclusion. Under the careful guidance of a teacher and with support for answering questions they care about, research papers can become a source of great satisfaction to students.