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The Institute for Women’s Policy Research reviewed and analyzed published data and literature on women and patenting, finding that women hold an extremely small share of patents, and that at the current rate of progress, gender equity is more than 75 years away. This briefing paper presents a snapshot of the data and related recommendations.

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Research papers on the exploitation of women can be written from a variety of viewpoints. For example, the sociological exploitation issues include how society allows the exploitation of women. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper on any topic regarding the exploitation of women. Possible topics include: -As a simple matter of biology, Women's health issues are unique to women, including body image and violence issues. Order a research paper on women's health from Paper Masters. - Women in Industrialized Societies research papers look at the status of women in industrial nations and the fact that female discrimination is present. Research paper samples on women in the American Revolution show that women played an important role in our nation’s struggle with over .  Women in the American Revolution research papers note that there were actual instances of women engaging in . Â

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Researchers affiliated to universities tend to be the most productive, while researchers from governmental agencies are more central and have higher number of co-authorship collaborations. This is due to the fact that the average number of authors per paper is higher at the governmental level (~3.7) than at the academic and industrial levels (~3.2). Female researchers affiliated to industry have been shown to be as central and productive in the network as their male colleagues (). Therefore, in addition to contributing to research that has a equal or higher impact, women engineers are equally or more productive, collaborative, and central than their male counterparts in the sectors and fields where they are least represented (share of female authorship is the lowest). This agrees with the conclusion of Dryburgh [] in the context of engineering workplace culture that in order to compensate for being a woman, women engineers need to be significantly more competent in their work than their male counterparts.

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“It was also exciting to work with a team of engineering education graduate students and faculty from Purdue to build on the initial framework that the leaders of NSBE, SWE and WEPAN developed to create this paper, and to think about the impact that our research could have,” Dr. Cardella continued. “Throughout the process, I was continually reminded of how engineering is enriched by the participation of African-American women. I know my own life has been enriched by the honesty, courage, passion and dedication of the female African-American undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff I have had the privilege of working with.”

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Research papers on City of Women by Christine Stansell are often requested for United States history courses or women's history classes. Paper Masters writes custom papers on issues of and can use the City of Women as a main resource, if requested.