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“The white paper was very qualitative,” said NCAA Vice President of Women’s Basketball Championships Anucha Browne. “This research study is more quantitative. When you divide this information up to specific market segments, you get to the core of these issues. What might be an issue to one core segment may not be for another segment. The beauty in this is finding ways we can impact all the core segments.”

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Davidson, Sean and Štefko, Martin, Institutionalised Exploitation of U.S. College Basketball and Football Players: A Case for Protection of Employees’ Rights (September 1, 2014). Charles University in Prague Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2014/I/4. Available at SSRN: or

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The fallacy was first described in a 1985 paper by , , and Robert Vallone. The "Hot Hand in Basketball" study questioned the theory that basketball players have "hot hands", which the paper defined as the claim that players are more likely to make a successful shot if their previous shot was successful. The study looked at the inability of respondents to properly understand and random events; much like can impair a person's judgement of statistical information, the hot hand fallacy can lead people to form incorrect assumptions regarding random events. The three researchers provide an example in the study regarding the "coin toss"; respondents expected even short sequences of heads and tails to be approximately 50% heads and 50% tails. The study proposed two biases that are created by the kind of thought pattern applied to the coin toss: it could lead an individual to believe that the probability of heads or tails increases after a long sequence of either has occurred (known as the ); or it could cause an individual to reject randomness due to a belief that a streak of either outcome is not representative of a random sample.

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What you need to know: Heat check! In basketball, the defense can adjust to a player on a roll. That ability to send multiple defenders toward a star (think: Spurs vs. LeBron) has led to the conclusion that hot hands do not exist, mostly supported by shooting stats that regress to the mean. Baseball, on the other hand, doesn't offer the luxury of a true team defense. As a result, this paper uses the walk -- baseball's defense mechanism against a hitter who appears unstoppable -- as a matter of context. It found baseball's hot hand (Daniel Murphy in the NLCS) is not a fallacy, based on the ebbs and flows of 10 different stats and opponents' responses to player success. Sure, pitching around a red-hot hitter is smart, but the research warns that opposing teams should make this determination on a large-enough sample size. In Murphy's case, the NLCS was good enough.