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Theoretical Progress in Management Studies and the Role of Qualitative Research
A dilemma facing qualitative researchers is how to publish their work in leading journals, which demand very high levels of methodological rigour, without losing what is distinctively valuable about qualitative methods. In his contribution to this Point-Counterpoint, Joep Cornelissen questions the increasingly popular approach for qualitative researchers to produce papers which seek to mimic the style of quantitative papers. For Cornelissen, the danger of this trend in methods is that it undermines the ability of qualitative work to provide the kind of rich, detailed explanatory theorising which is its hallmark. In his Counterpoint piece, Patrick Wright argues that quantification of qualitative data might actually help scholars in addressing their reliability and validity challenges, increasing the probability of publishing in leading management journals. He concludes by arguing that the biggest obstacle to theoretical progress is a lack of meaningful dialogue between scholars working in different methodological traditions and he proposes ways of increasing such dialogue. The papers are available FREE in
(pages 366–367)
Bill Harley and Dries Faems
(pages 368–383)
Joep P. Cornelissen
(pages 384–390)
Patrick M. Wright

Social Entrepreneurship as a Norm?

Is the act of entrepreneurship itself a social good? This simple and seemingly easy question goes to the heart of the debate of this issue's Point-Counterpoint articles but the answer appears not to be so straightforward. In their entry in this two article series, Zahra and Wright argue that scholars need to re-examine and redefine the social role of entrepreneurship around five pillars that argue for a balance of the financial, social, and environmental outcomes of all entrepreneurial activity. In conjunction, McMullen and Warnick argue that the criticism of ‘typical and classic’ entrepreneurship may have gone too far. The papers are available FREE in .
(pages 608–609)
The Editors
(pages 610–629)
Shaker A. Zahra and Mike Wright
(pages 630–662)
Jeffery S. McMullen and Benjamin J. Warnick

The Scope and Scale of MNE Strategies: In Commemoration of Alan Rugman's Contribution to International Business Research
To acknowledge Alan Rugman’s scholarly contribution to international business (IB) research, we have invited two teams of leading IB scholars to engage in a Point – Counterpoint (PCP) discussion, providing a constructive dialogue associated with Rugman’s work and its implications for the IB and management research fields.

Igor Filatotchev and Dries Faems

Alain Verbeke and Christian Geisler Asmussen

Ram Mudambi and Jonas Puck

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It is a Best Practice to use a personal content management tool to organize the articles you are reading and the papers you are writing. These tools will save you time and allow you to work more efficiently.

Reference management software programs allow you to organize your research, collect and cite sources, create bibliographies in a variety of styles, add your own notes and keywords to your citations. Many reference managers work with word processing software to format in-text citations and bibliographies for papers and theses, allow you to share references, and enable you to attach or link PDFs to a citation record.

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The North American Society for Sport Management is pleased to announce its annual student research competition. To be eligible for this competition, students MUST be enrolled in a college or university at the deadline of submission (11:59pm Sunday January 15, 2017), AND not be employed in a full-time academic position at the submission deadline. Students may not submit more than ONE paper for this competition, and if accepted for presentation, this paper will count toward the two-presentation maximum for the NASSM Annual Conference.

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