How to Solve a Ratio Word Problem

Some math questions on the ACT will involve ratios and proportions. Both ratio and proportion problems involve comparing quantities, and they require that you know how to work with fractions and how to solve by using algebra.

This problem can be solved using ratios.

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Some ratio word problems require you to solve a proportion.

In this paper, we present an algorithm for solving the sum-of-linear-ratios problem based on a linear relaxation of the objective function. Though there already exist linear relaxation algorithms for solving this problem, they all work on a space whose dimension increases with the number of ratios. When the number of ratios becomes large, these algorithms are unable to solve the problem efficiently. Our numerical experiments indicate that the proposed algorithm in this paper is superior to these existing algorithms when the number of ratios is large.

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Thinking Blocks Ratios teaches children how to model and solve word problems involving proportional reasoning. In this interactive tutorial, children are introduced to 6 problem solving models. The models help children organize information and visualize number relationships. While Thinking Blocks Ratios may be used with any elementary math program, it is ideal for children who are learning model drawing strategies found in math books from Singapore. Thinking Blocks Ratios is best suited for children, ages 10+.

Need help solving word problems with ratios and fractions? This video will walk you through it.
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Ratio problems are often solved by using proportions. A proportion is an equation formed with two ratios that are equal. One method for solving a proportion problem is to find the appropriate equivalent ratio. We could have solved the original problem by setting up a proportion and then finding what the equivalent fraction would have to be.In this Activity Object, students will use problem solving strategies to figure out the maximum amount of cookies they could make with the available ingredients. Be sure that students are familiar with the concept of ratios, proportions, and the Cross Product Property.

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Did you notice I didn't give definitions of the terms ratio and proportion? Well, I didn't want to confuse. Sometimes you don't have to learn the exact definitions up front, but you can start by learning to solve word problems — even real-life problems.

Solving ratio problems with graph (video) | Khan Academy

A ratio is basically a fraction that has been reduced as much as possible. In this problem the ratio 3:2, can be represented as 3/2. One way to solve this problem is to set up a simple equation:

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In this math video tutorial I describe rates, ratios and proportions. Watch to learn how to solve real world problems buy setting up proportions (2 equivalent fractions/ratios/rates) and cross multiplying or scaling.

Watch and take notes using the template, then try the questions yourself. This lesson provides you with the basics and an introduction to solving various real world proportions.

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