We can help improve your public speaking skills best when you have a speech or speaking assignment. Practicing your speech will help make you feel confident and reduce your anxiety. Talking to one of our peer educators about your speech anxiety probably won’t. If you are generally feeling anxious and would like to consult a professional, visit UT’s .

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Connect Public Speaking provides a flexible, highly interactive learning environment designed to connect students to the tools and resources they will need to achieve success in their Public Speaking courses. Assignable exercises, engaging media, and speech preparation tools help students apply important course concepts while a flexible, easy-to-use interface saves instructors time managing and evaluating speeches and other assignments.

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This course takes the public in “public speaking” very seriously. All speech assignments will be about issues that spark disagreement in the public. These issues can range from the local to the regional to the national and international. But all speeches will address issues that affect the public as a collective and are debated publicly by at least two sides. We will discuss the course assignments in greater detail in the lecture and in later parts of this packet; this is a brief overview of the course work.

Nick's blog features real-life anecdotes taken from his professional speaking assignments, and every one includes at least one public speaking tip.
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This unit of the course deviates from the order of content presented in the textbook by presenting material on developing the body of your speech before material on developing the speech's introduction. This has been done because an introduction introduces the body of the speech, but if the body of the speech does not exist yet, the speaker has nothing to base the introduction on. This unit also begins the second half of the course, which focuses on actually developing a speech. Moreover, because public speaking requires performance as well as comprehension, starting with this unit, the rest of this course includes a number of assignments which challenge you to apply the information you obtain to specific tasks associated with writing or presenting a speech.

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Many people find that joining Toastmasters International is a no-pressure way to hone their elocution skills. There is no teacher, and members give each other helpful feedback on 10 self-paced speaking assignments which are designed to instill a basic foundation in public speaking. Toastmasters has several .

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When asked whether the TED Talk assignment helped students overcome fear of public speaking, Babcock was realistic. "I think they learned they could get through a speech," she said. "I think if you hate making speeches, you probably still hate making speeches after this, but I think they learned how to organize a speech, and how to present it visually, and how to speak and use the visuals at the same time."