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The internship is designed to enhance the development of competencies and professionalism and to be the culminating experience of the student’s program. As such, the internship allows the student to participate in educational settings and the opportunity to integrate coursework, research, theory, and practical experiences in a supervised, applied setting. To be eligible for internship, the student must have: (1) completed a master’s degree program in School Psychology; (2) completed all practica requirements; (3) successfully passed the master’s
Qualifying Examination and the National School Psychology Examination (Praxis Series 0401); and (4) for doctoral students, the dissertation proposal must have been approved. While on internship, students must enroll in a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester.

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Environmental Psychology Area As An Open Academic Community The Environmental Psychology Area strives to be an open academic community. It is expected that students have access to successful previous student work as models, inspiration and challenge for their own work. To make this work available, students are encouraged to post their work on the Environmental Psychology Website. In addition to posting the approved Second Year Field Research Paper, students are encouraged to post their Second Doctoral Examination Reading Lists and Statements, their Dissertation Topic Proposals, and their Dissertation Proposals. Students are encouraged but not required to place their work on this website. Students should however conform to the requirements of the journal to which they submit their papers as they relate to website postings. In addition to the above materials, the Area maintains a full collection of theses. While openness is important in an academic community, plagiarism is unacceptable. Ideas, phrases, sentences or paragraphs may not be copied or paraphrased without proper citation.

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Registration in PSYC 590, Psychological Research (1-3), each fall and spring semester prior to approval of the dissertation proposal is required. These hours will not count toward the 90 semester hours required for the Ph.D.

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Policies and Forms for Graduate Students in Psychology

The proposal is written in close consultation with the advisor and other members of the dissertation committee. Different dissertation committees proceed differently and different dissertation problems require different working approaches. The candidate may meet with individual members of the committee or, particularly if there are contradictory viewpoints among committee members, it may be in the interest of the candidate to request meetings of the full committee. Prior to approval, a full draft version of the proposal is presented by the candidate to the full Dissertation Committee in a meeting that is open to all program members. This open meeting allows public comment but is not, in itself, a form for approval or disapproval of the proposal. For a proposal to be approved, all committee members must agree as indicated by signatures on the Dissertation Proposal Approval Form, a copy of which can be obtained from the GC Psychology Program Administrator.


Students are required to register for and attend the Psychology Research Seminar (PSYC 316a) until their dissertation is defended. However, although they are strongly encouraged to attend as many as they are able, once their dissertation proposal is defended students are only required to attend ten (10) seminars throughout the academic year. Students are required to make a presentation of their research once per year until they graduate, with the exception that students do not have to present in the semester they are scheduled to defend their dissertation. Exceptions can also be made for advanced students with permission of the head of the graduate program.

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It takes years of study and considerable academic success before a student is in the position to compose a dissertation proposal. Regardless of your field of study, you will want to make certain that your proposal is perfect. It is unlikely to be accepted otherwise. If you are readying yourself to write a psychology dissertation proposal, you may benefit from reading through samples of other proposals.