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At one point in the essay, Stephen King specifically focuses on national dialogue in the United States because if there is improvement in the overall national discussion and debate over issues like gun policy, then we may be able to identify the best solutions without the misleading and unnecessary elements that people see today.

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Pro Gun Control | Teen Opinion Essay | Teen Ink
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The essay was published as a Kindle Single, a format launched in 2011 for pieces too long for magazines but too short to be books. In a statement following publication, King said every citizen needed to ponder the fact the US was awash with guns. "If this helps provoke constructive debate," he said, "I've done my job."

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Because the issue of gun rights and gun control has generated a great deal of writing in the last few years, the editors undoubtedly found it a difficult task to select a group of previously published essays for this volume, and any reviewer will certainly find some fault in the choices that have been made. In addition, editors of a volume on such a controversial topic may have difficulty deciding to what extent they wish to intrude into the readings by providing their own commentary on the subject, and reviewers once more can second guess these decisions. Although the volume is a very good collection for anyone wishing to gain a greater understanding of the gun control/gun rights issue, I will have some of my own second-guessing to do on these points.

Looks like you have a good start to your own pro-gun essay here. (Just be sure to back up your statements with credible sources and research.)
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Guns is not an attack on pro-gun activists. It is not an attack on the Second Amendment; though there are certainly some who argue it is, including many people who refuse to read the essay. It does take some serious shots at the NRA, including this:

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Some excellent entries appear in the final portion of the book, which concerns possible solutions to the difficulties often seen as originating in the wide distribution of firearms in the United States. Two essays in particular merit special notice. First, a section from David B. Kopel's book The Samurai, the Mountie, and the Cowboy, is a thoughtful presentation of what Kopel, a strong supporter of gun rights, concludes are realistic options for a nation which has a number of guns in private hands roughly equal to the total population. Research director for the libertarian Independence Institute, Kopel maintains that the strict gun control policies of other nations, such as Japan and Great Britain, could not succeed in the United States, given the large number of weapons in private hands and the nation's long tradition of individualism. He recommends that state and local governments emphasize responsible gun ownership, perhaps requiring that a prospective gun owner receive safety training prior to purchasing a firearm. Another essay, Wendy Kaminar's "Second Thoughts on the Second Amendment," recounts her attendance at a two-day seminar on guns and the Constitution sponsored by Academics for the Second Amendment, a pro-gun rights group. Kaminar describes her verbal jousting with gun rights advocate Don Kates, who led the seminar, and reflects on the tension between republicanism and liberal individualism within the gun rights position. She notes that gun rights advocates support republican arguments in favor of gun ownership, focusing on firearms as a means of protecting the integrity of the community, while they at the same time emphasize the importance of firearms in maintaining individual autonomy.

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This more optimistic scenario perhaps fails to take sufficient notice of evidence -- much of which the essays in this volume provide -- that the gun rights/gun control issue is deeply ensconced in American culture and political beliefs. Therefore, deep controversies over what firearms policies can be considered "reasonable" may continue for some time in different branches of government within the American federal system.