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References: The reference section gives complete details about sources that were cited, in any section of the text. A "Bibliography," on the other hand, refers to a list of materials used to obtain background knowledge on a subject. There are several standard styles for listing references. Depending on what type of scientific writing you are doing, you may be directed to follow a particular format. If so, follow the format that has been specified exactly. When references are cited, either the reference number or the author’s last name and the publication year are used. Example: “Some strains of E. coli can grow in orange juice (1)…” or “Some strains of E. coli can grow in orange juice (Brown, 1999)….” In this class, we will use the reference style of the American Society for Microbiology Journals. When references are cited within the paper, only the number is used. References are numbered in the order in which they appear in the article (citation-sequence reference system). No reference should be included that is not cited in the paper. Remember that ALL information within the report that is not your original work or idea should be referenced. Statements by other authors are usually paraphrased or summarized – direct quotations are rare in scientific writing.

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The tone of a report based on original research will be objective and formal, and the writing should be concise and direct. The structure is likely to consist of these standard sections: introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. Sections are typically identified and subdivided with headings.

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It seems clear that the topic of cameras and report writing is not going to evaporate anytime soon. "With the pervasive nature of cameras in our society, LEOs are likely going to have to reconcile their reports with other videos at some point in judicial proceedings if there is a complaint or incident review," Dawes writes. In the opinion of his team, "it would be better for [officers] to have the opportunity to address any inconsistencies in [their] original report rather than years later in a federal civil-rights trial when memory is even more likely to be rife with errors."

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That done, the officer was allowed to review his BWC recording and to "make any changes to the original documents that may be needed," Dawes explains. No time limit was imposed either on writing the narrative or on reviewing the recording and amending the reports. Officers were allowed to replay their recordings as desired and to break down the action frame by frame.