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June 8th is World Ocean Day and I thought what would be more perfect than some ocean themed writing paper. Writing is an important part of learning and having themed paper is lots of fun for kids.

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Ocean animals free printable stationery for kids, primary lined sea animals theme free printable kids writing paper
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Divide the class into small groups and have each group write a brief play about ocean life. Dolphins and sea turtles can be some of the characters. Think about how the animals would act naturally and how they would act around humans. Have each group perform their play for the class.As the class is researching different sea turtles, research the population growth or decline of sea turtles around the world. Have students collect the data and graph the population numbers by year. Display students' graphs on the board. What year had the biggest turtle population? What year saw the greatest increase or decrease in population? How are these numbers related?Suggest that students keep their own science journals during the project, tracking what they've learned, things they'd like to research, questions, predictions for the future, and personal feelings about efforts to save endangered animals. Encourage them to clip newspaper and journal articles they find about dolphins and sea turtles and include them in the journals. They could also use the space to draw their own pictures and impressions of the expedition.

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At the end of the day we gathered together on the carpet to listen to everyones research paper. I did want to have each team make a poster where they put pictures of their ocean creatures on it and cut one sentence from their paper to glue on the poster. We spent so much time on it as it was that we were all happy when it was over. I had each team stand up and go to the front of the class. They took turns reading their and showing their pictures. They were so proud. I am very proud of them. This was labor intensive and they stuck to it. Each team came up to do their . Each student had the opportunity to read their writing. We cheered loudly and applauded all their efforts. I wish I had done more research projects. I love this activity.

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