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Therefore, the goal of this essay is to examine the arguments which are generally discussed in relation to Huawei’s expansionist tendencies, and better comprehend the level of risk which the company may possess to governments whose markets it wants to economically penetrate. Are Huawei and its equipment a real threat to national cyber security of these targeted countries that resist its deeper involvement in their markets? Or, is the critique only a gesture of excuse for their protectionist attempts? An opinion even emerged saying that the situation in which Huawei is being caught in these days suggests Japanese companies that were surpassing the U.S. automobile industry in the 1980s: the decrease of U.S. car producers and penetration of the market by foreign competitors aroused widespread panic in that time.

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These fields have a lot to teach practitioners of security, whether they're designers of computer security products or implementers of national security policy. And if this paper seems haphazard, it's because I am just starting to scratch the surface of the enormous body of research that's out there. In some ways I feel like a magpie, and that much of this essay is me saying: "Look at this! Isn't it fascinating? Now look at this other thing! Isn't that amazing, too?" Somewhere amidst all of this, there are threads that tie it together, lessons we can learn (other than "people are weird"), and ways we can design security systems that take the feeling of security into account rather than ignoring it.

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This essay analyzes the impacts of climate change on the security of the United States, and helps military, defense, and other national security professionals understand environmental security issues by explaining how environmental issues become national security issues...

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The concept of ‘human security’, developed in the 1994 , in spite of its communicative effectiveness, has been criticised for presenting a lack of policy relevance due to its too flexible definition. Many critics have underlined the need to define human security in a narrower way, focusing on violent threats to individuals, in order to address economic, environmental, health, food and political issues separately. This essay adopts this narrow definition of human security for analytical purposes, but it proposes to move beyond the ‘narrow-broad approach’ debate and to focus on the identity of the potential security providers instead. The central question – who should provide security to individuals in this new theoretical framework – has been often neglected by advocates of the concept. This oversight has relegated the notion of human security to the moral and legal justification of the use of humanitarian intervention in some of the most troubled areas in the world. The state is often regarded in the human security perspective as just one of the actors, or even part of the problem itself. On the contrary, it should be considered the central security provider: its stability and legitimacy are the main sources of protection for its citizens, from any kind of threats. The strengthening of national authorities should be a central strategy to ensure the protection of the people. In order to make a state strong enough to guarantee security to its citizens, its legitimacy through democratic, but flexible, means is an important precondition.The challenge in devising a reliable measure of U.S. military power is that the effort must be rooted in a concrete understanding of what national security is and what it is not. This essay examines the elements of national security, providing both definitions of terms and a clarification of related concepts. It concludes with a number of takeaways from this analysis to help guide the making of a National Security Strategy.

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Note: Historians Fredrik Logevall (Cornell University) and Kenneth Osgood (Florida Atlantic University) also contributed an essay to the Tobin Project’s 2009 national security conference. Their piece, "The Ghost of Munich: America’s Appeasement Complex," was published in the July/August 2010 issue of World Affairs. .

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This essay has examined whether Huawei, the second largest telecommunication company in the world, is a real threat to the national security of other countries as it has recently been proclaimed by several overseas governments. The study focused on four broad arguments which are discussed most often in regard to this issue. These are the level of links between Huawei and the Chinese government and army, the company’s reluctance to share concrete information on its structure and decision-making, its poor security practices, and its respect for international legal and political standards.

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Moving from historical analysis to contemporary challenges, the essays in Part II examine how the United States can make greater use of nonkinetic power to address present-day national security issues.