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Emergency mode operation plan: The purpose of the emergency mode operation plan is to establish procedures to enable the continuation of critical business processes, especially the uninterrupted protection of electronic patient data when operating in an emergency mode. For an example, during an event such as a hurricane, the medical transcription service in North Carolina may switch to their emergency mode operation plan to keep their core business functions operational and data secured even when they are required to switch to backup generators and work with reduced onsite staffing. Large organizations may have more than one data center, so their emergency mode strategy may include transferring operations to a data center in a different geographic location. The emergency mode operation plan is defined within the Administrative Safeguards section of the Security Rule.

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The sales and marketing section of your transcription services business plan should layout your top proposals that pertains to —and maintaining current ones. Identify the ways you plan to do in acquiring the interest of your target market along with what exactly will you carry out to make them use your transcription services. Are you going to hand out totally free items or transcript samples to people’s offices? Will you be sending out press announcements to nearby media organizations, mentioning the opening of your transcription service business?

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We can provide an end-to-end solution, or we can train your in-house medical transcriptionists (MTs) to become medical language specialists, whichever plan best fits your business model. Remember, our whole goal is to make your practice easier, not more complicated. You tell us what works for you.

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As a Business Associate, a Medical Transcription Service may not be directly governed by HIPAA regulations. However, Business Associates are governed indirectly by virtue of the fact that Covered Entities are required to obtain written assurances from the Business Associates that they deal with to ensure that patient identifying information is appropriately safeguarded. These written assurances must be included in a written contract between the Covered Entity and the Business Associate. Because of the strict requirements of the Act relating to Covered Entities, Business Associates can expect that the Covered Entities for whom they perform services will be vigilant in requiring evidence of compliance from their Business Associate partners. This will likely take different forms from organization to organization. However, MT Services should plan to understand and implement their own action plans and oversight mechanisms to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Act.

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If time is scarce, can be used to streamline the process. A reliable software solution will increase the accuracy and consistency of your business plan, dramatically improving its value to your medical transcription business.


This "verification process" means that the transcriptionist must have athorough foundation inmedical terminology, anatomy, physiology,pharmacology, laboratory tests and values,medical equipment andprocedures. In addition, every successful medical tr anscriptionistwillhave superior research and English grammar skills, along withexcellent computer skills,typing skills and (if you plan to have your ownbusiness) some familiarity with businessmarketing and management. Payingclose attention to deta il is another quality that isessential in a goodmedical transcriptionist.