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difference in personality styles between leadership versus management. Managers - emphasize rationality and control; are problem-solvers (focusing on goals, resources, organization structures, or people); often ask question, "What problems have to be solved, and what are Group C Assignment 38

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Management Vs Leadership details of the piece, and presents their ideas to the whole team. Members of the whole team then participate in refining the final conception, rehearsal, and product, including checking from various places in the auditorium how the sound balances and verifying the quality of the final recording. At times the entire Orpheus team may follow a single leader, but whom the team follows rotates from task to task, depending on the capabilities of its members. The orchestra has developed seminars and training sessions for adapting the Orpheus Process to business.[8] Co-leadership As a compromise between individual leadership and an open group, leadership structures of two or three people or entities occur commonly. Ancient Rome preferred two consuls to a single king, and the Roman Empire grew to accommodate two Emperors - those of the East and of the West - simultaneously. The Middle Ages saw leadership divided between the secular and spiritual realms - between Emperor and Pope. Some groups - often left-wing or Green in orientation - employ a co-leader structure today. Triumvirates have long served to balance leadership ambitions - notably in Rome in the first century BC, but also as recently as in the Soviet Union troikas of the 20th century. Compare the separation of powers (legislative, judicial and executive) formalised (for example) in the constitution of the United States of America. Divided leadership Whereas sometimes one can readily and definitively identify the locus of leadership, in other circumstances the situation remains obscured. Pre-modern Japan offers a classical example: the emperors provided symbolic and religious leadership, but the shoguns embodied virtually all political and administrative leadership. Similar dichotomies appear in many places and in many periods. Any constitutional monarch has a potentially confusing relationship with the day-to-day leader (typically a prime minister) who remains Group C Assignment 26

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There may be some other aspects those may distinguish the formal and informal leaders and to know more about them; you should avail the best quality Informal Leadership management Assignment Help.

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Task 2: From the management styles listed in the assignment 3, I would choose the Participative (Democratic) Style because it fits my personal philosophy and temperament style. I have chosen this style because the participative management style is based on mutual respect and it requires collaboration between leaders and the people they guide.

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The assignment help experts suggest that the entrepreneur must have skills of leadership, e.g., vision of a strategy, skills, identifying the talent, maintaining the talent. Our assignment help points out the difference between leadership and entrepreneurship. The leaders delegate and share with the team. The teams are empowered by the leader. Our assignment helps writers show how the leadership begin at the head of a firm. leadership and entrepreneurship assignment help also shows that they may not originally have powerful positions. Our assignment help suggests that a leader must have precious qualities e.g., humility, pragmatism, flexibility, reinvention, authenticity and awareness. The leadership and entrepreneurship assignment help experts also say that a leader must have self-awareness for the team management.