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This section is limited to two pages, and should be divided into two subsections (apppropriately labeled):For each lab, a lab supplement concerning the lab will include a set ofquestions. Your text should allow the grader/reader to clearly understand which question is being answered. It is not necessary to repeat the question, even in condensed fashion (though you may if you wish). In the second section add a few additional observations regarding the lab (e.g., about the experimental techniques used or the fluid dynamics/aerodynamicsstudied). This is your opportunity to show some originality and to demonstrate that you understand the implications of your results and lab experience. Please note that points will be given for the quality of your discussion, not for quantity. DO NOT provide an extensive discussion of all your results and findings in a Data Report.

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The lab report is the document that describes the experiment setup, the physics ..
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Be sure to follow explicitly the format indicated above

What you have learned is indicated in the report, especially the Introduction and the Conclusion. You should begin the Introduction by setting up the learning context, which is the scientific concept that forms the foundation of the lab. This is what you are supposed to be learning about in the lab. Be sure that the learning context you establish in the Introduction does indeed match the learning context from the lab manual or handout.

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Document your experimental procedure in enough detail that someone else could repeat your work. This should include a list of all materials used, a diagram of the lab setup if appropriate, and the steps taken to accomplish the lab (paragraphs preferred, but organized, ordered lists of instructions are acceptable with list items in complete sentences.)

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A Lab Report is a detailed account of an experiment, its methods, ..

Different writing guides will suggest different sections to start with – our suggestion is that you start with whichever section, in your opinion, will be easiest. As you write, focus on the big picture for each section before focusing on detail; that is, set up a logical flow of paragraphs before worrying too much about the specific wording in the paragraphs. For more information about writing style, see . For detailed descriptions of the standard components of a lab report, see . A sample lab report is provided in .

A lab write up is a clear, detailed outline of your experiment

The lab report is a Microsoft Word document that issubmitted digitally through Blackboard. A Lab Report Template (LRT) is providedthat is formatted with links to this reference document. It is also set upspecifically to ease the grading of the report, thus it is mandatory that youuse this document to create your lab report. It is available for downloading onthe Blackboard Meta course lab site. One original report per individual isrequired for each experiment.

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The first criteria for grading lab notes is completeness. With a copy of your lab notes, a student from another lab group should be able to set up the equipment, perform the experiment, and analyze the results without consulting the lab manual or other references. Your teaching assistant will deduct points for missing work that would be required to reproduce your results in lab. Points will also be deducted for poor or absent elements of documentation (illegible handwriting, undated entries, entries without headings, poorly labeled graphs, etc., as described above.) A few automatic grade deductions are described below in the “Special requirements for lab assignments” section.