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Despite the media’s obsession with them, stories like Shapiro’s are rare. The bulk of American college students don’t attend Ivy League universities or even less-prestigious name-brand schools. Instead, they go to and universities. And so while Shapiro supports his students in their efforts to get into Ivy League-caliber colleges, he also pushes them to expand their horizons.

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Here's the college essay from a high-school senior who got into 4 Ivy League schools
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What’s going on here, really? This almost seems like some kind of cruel joke. Well, in case you couldn’t tell, you’re HYPer application has made you the subject of a deep background investigation, and all the answers are coming from your writing, your answers to these many questions. So, if you’re a candidate applying to an Ivy League or other elite college, and you think you can fake your way through the essay requirement of these mighty applications, you had better think again.

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If you’ve been following Huffington Post series , you know that a stellar high school transcript and equally compelling standardized test scores are crucial ingredients in a successful bid for admission to an Ivy League college, but are high grades and SAT scores enough?

High school senior Brittany Stinson wrote about her passion in her college essay, and it got her into five Ivy League schools.
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It took just a few short hours on Apr. 1 for Concord High School senior Brittany Stinson to go viral. Not because she staged an epic prank—though more than a few skeptics assumed that her sudden notoriety was an April Fool’s Day fakeout—but for her very real, decidedly eccentric college applications essay that helped garner her admission to five Ivy League colleges and Stanford University.Profiled in and author of the award-winning I know what the Ivy League colleges and college admissions officers look for in an applicant, and as one of the only college admissions consultants out there with a Harvard background, I can help you turn your admission essays, Common App, and Ivy League applications into the best college acceptance rates around!

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If your goal is to attend an Ivy League or top-ranked college, small steps towards your goal can quickly add up. Be involved in your school, focus on your strengths, and take note of the secrets discussed above that helped Brittany break down the barriers and reach her well-earned success.

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Did well in high school? Check. Strongly involved in your extracurriculars? Check. Aced your AP exams, and scored pretty high on your SAT's? Double check. More than likely if you fit the above, you probably have at least some aspiration to go to an Ivy League college. Maybe you're not sure if you'll get in, but you have the hope. The dream. If only you could maximize your chances. Do whatever you could do to just push your Ivy League college application just a little bit over the edge. But where is this secret knowledge? What is this secret insider information? How can you find out EXACTLY what else you can possibly do, when you turn on your computer and sit down this year to apply to your list of schools. Read. That's my answer, to parents and students alike. Find out. Research the information. The following books are the top 5 books in their field which give you many, many examples of what a successful Harvard, Yale and Stanford college application essay actually looks like -- and there are lots of examples from which to access and learn. The important thing to remember though, is that while I do recommend

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