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The 2016 MHI Annual Industry Report, developed in collaboration with Deloitte, reflects the views of nearly 900 industry insiders – almost double that of last year’s survey. Respondents included manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and others – more than 50% of them with senior executive, general manager, or department head titles.

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2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Mike Stelzner on Social Media Examiner.
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An Industry Report is a market research report on a selected industry sector. These reports are prepared by our industry specialists and are free of charge for U.S. companies. Reports include information on:

Industry reports are prepared by various parties, including:

Importantly, the reports also imaginatively outline a future where tomorrow’s technologies collide and create opportunities for commerce that may not even exist today. For instance, wearable technology is something that will likely have a significant impact on the cosmetics industry and could one day turn 3D printed flexible skin-like cosmetics into something akin to medical devices that can monitor your vitals and alert you or your doctor immediately should something be amiss.

2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Mike Stelzner on Social Media Examiner.
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Statista regularly consolidates the most important information on a given industry, thereby compiling interesting data on the respective industry’s status quo and development, including forecasts up to 2021, the high-quality diagrams and tables prepared by our analysts enable you to quickly get an overview of the respective industry’s current state of affairs. The industry reports feature key figures on finance, companies, employees, R&D, and other aspects. The exact content depends on the individual industry and country. All reports undergo manual quality controls. All detailed references are listed in the individual reports. Normally the industry reports are updated on an annual basis. There may be deviations from this frequency for some industries. You can find the individual release date in the industry reports and on the description pages.The amount varies by country. There are currently 60 industry reports with a focus on Germany, 43 on the U.S. and 41 on the UK. The individual industries are selected by our analysts based on data availability and relevance.That's why we've created Shopify Plus Industry Reports- a series of in-depth vertical specific reports that provide you the insight & imagination necessary to navigate the second half of the decade and beyond for the following industries:

2/14/112009 Report on Cable Industry Prices.Report: |

In addition to outlining the trends that are redefining what it means to be a global brand in these industries, the Fashion & Apparel industry report has been created to stretch your imagination regarding how tomorrow’s technologies will intersect to create dynamic challenges and opportunities in the digital and physical worlds as well as those in between.

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Next, the reports will show you the most sought-after skills in your industry. Recruiting people with these skills will likely take additional resources, as there’s a lot of competition for them within your industry.