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I really don't want to do my homework. I need to do it. I have to do it. But I don't want to do it.
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It is obvious that many teenagers feel very strongly about the fact that we are piled with an unecessary amount of homework; this site has posts from 2006, and is still recieving new ones!
As a junior in highschool, I feel so trapped within my homework, as well as the pressure to do well on SATs, AP Exams, and to get into a good college.
I feel that most teachers forget that students have families, friends, and lives outside of school.
They all treat their students as if their class is the only one the students are taking and assign ample amounts of homework, saying we should spend at the very least half an hour on it. Well, I guess that isn’t too bad, but when you are asked to spend at the very least half an hour on each class, and have 8 classes, in addition to extra curricular activities, sports, and studying for tests that are exclusive to the actual homework assignments, that gives most students NO free time all day, even for weeks- which sounds ridiculous, but I know it is actually true. We are expected to be professional in the world of academics, and I feel that we are missing out on our youth which should be spent on exploring what we wish to learn about most. Some days I just want to draw, or write songs, or listen to music, or read a fiction novel on my choice, but instead must plow through hours of meaningless math problems, putting all of my aspirations for the present on the backburner, while I strive to reach goals that others want for me. The whole situation places even more stress on me, and some days I find myself unable to cope. Overall, I believe something needs to be done to save our youth from going insane and losing what little bit of childhood they have left.

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i think the homework programs in schools currently are terrible. we spend so much time on it now we have no more to enjoy life. sometimes the stress is unbearable, i think that we will never get rid of homework in school the way we’re going but it would be nice if it could consist of work we have failed to finish in class and revision when needed instead of the massive amounts of busy and pointless work we get now. i’ve shown my parents the work i do and they agree that much more half of it i will never use again. and yet i still work my arse off and get no where it irritates me so much sometime i cry because i have studied so hard and planed everything out like the teachers have said and i still only get past my maths exams by 5 or 6 marks when i hear the younger year levels whine about their 1 hour a night homework tasks it then makes me pity them because they’re going to move up into the higher year levels and wish they were doing the 1 hour stuff again, just as i did.

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Thank you so much for this blog. I thought hope was gone for me also and I was Googling tonight on how to eliminate stress and this came up. I am in the 8th grade and going on the Washington DC trip my math grade is a D and you need at least C- ‘s on a ll grades to go. Well I just have given up on my homework and your blog had all my problems. I have let TV and Internet run over my life and I have my room full of laundry and homework that doesn’t always get done. I like to come home relax by the TV or go to my girlfriend’s house. I have found your tips very helpful. Thank you so much!

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I honestly don’t know how much homework I have a night, because I can never finish it. It overwhelms me because I have too much, so I procrastinate or just don’t do it, then have late work because if the work I didn’t do so I then have EVEN MORE work, and then it just keeps going and going. It stresses me out majorly. Before last year when this started, I had never considered suicide, had at least decent self esteem, and had never purposely hurt myself. Now here I am. I’m fine with 10-15 math questions a night, sometimes work in other classes too. I’m not fine with 20-25 a night with work in other classes. I need less homework.

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