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In a large class with only a single teaching assistant for 200–300 students, offering multiple or even one significant writing assignment is not a manageable task. The CPR system offers an opportunity for students not only to write about science but also to participate in a type of peer-review process that is intrinsic to how science is evaluated and funded. The assignments we designed required the students to write an analytical-style essay that included more than just rephrasing and summarizing the sources. Students utilized basic information acquired by attending lecture and reading the textbook and applied it in a new context that was driven by reading additional source materials on the topic. This was followed by reviewing other students’ essays and scoring these essays on how well they addressed the issues raised in the assignment. Finally, the students were required to reflect upon and analyze their own performance on the essay assignment. The positive benefits of using the CPR program have been reported by a number of groups (; ; ; ; ), while others have reported no benefit from the program (). It is important to look at the design of the assignment and also at the criteria that were used to determine the benefit of the writing assignment to the students. In some studies, a change in the students’ perceptions was considered a positive outcome (; ), while scientific writing skills and critical-thinking skills were not specifically tested. Many other studies have specifically analyzed scientific writing skills, with mixed results. Gunersel and Simpson reported an improvement in writing and reviewing skills using the CPR scores as a measure of improvement (; ). ) did not see an increase in writing skills when the essays were scored independently by the director of the university writing center. ) designed a controlled study using CPR to assign problems in an upper-division physiology course. Students performed better on assessments of content presented only in the CPR assignment when compared with assessments of content presented in lecture. The results of our study are consistent with those of Pelaez in that the improved performance of the students was specific to the topics covered by the writing assignment.

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The second intervention involved writing essays using the Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) system developed at University of California–Los Angeles (UCLA; ; ). At first glance, the program appears to be designed to allow faculty with large classes and limited help from teaching assistants to assign and grade essays, because the “grading” is performed by the students through peer review. However, CPR offers much more than a simple mechanism for grading an assignment in high-enrollment lecture courses; the review portion of the assignment adds a strong metacognitive element. The up-front work of constructing a well-designed assignment with a clear grading rubric is crucial to the success of the system. The instructor can dictate the extent of critical thought and analysis required for a given assignment. The system has been used to have students write straightforward essays on class content, summarize scientific articles (), and work through problems or analyze scientific issues after reading multiple sources (; ). After the initial submission, the student must grade three calibrated essays and then three anonymous essays from their classmates using the provided rubrics. The final task is to review their own essays based on the rubric and in light of the six other essays they have reviewed. It can be envisioned that as much “learning,” if not more, takes place during the review phase as in the initial writing phase. Once the assignment is written using the computer-based system, it can be used in any size class, so it lends itself well to a large-lecture format.

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