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We’ve all heard the saying that the only constant in life is change. Project management is no different. Working in iterations has shown to reduce waste and yield more gains in productivity by avoiding unexpected issues that can impact deliverability and time to market.

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However you define it, let’s talk now about the skills you need to manage a complex project.
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I like the way puts it: Pre-mortem analysis. Before you commence project execution, start proactively considering how a project may fail, which factors can lead to failure of a project and how you can limit/avoid such instances and ensure that corrective actions are in place. The pre-mortem analysis can include risk management, thorough detailing of a project plan taking into account reasonable and potential setbacks to projects and also set reasonable buffer in the project schedule. Of course, despite meticulous planning, there will be ad hoc change requests, or even worse during project execution, things may go wrong however this exercise will certainly equip your team to handle surprises in a better manner.

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As a senior management representative you understand how important it is for you to deliver projects successfully and earn customer’s appreciation. As you impart maximum responsibility to project managers, you should also provide them required and judicious authority. At the same time, as a project manager you should be transparent about progress of a project, important changes to project deliverable or its timeline. It is true that project outcome is a responsibility of the entire team, senior management has to play important role of supporting project managers thus expect project managers to be transparent and accountable for end result. Conducting regular review meetings will certainly be helpful and effective in assessing state of project and knowing what kind of support project team would require.

In this article, I will cover a few of the most useful Excel project management tracking templates as well as how to find and install them.
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bonnie Biafore, and welcome to Managing Project Schedules. If you're new to project scheduling, or want to improve your scheduling skills, this course will give you the basics. We'll begin by examining what project scheduling is and looking at the components that go into a schedule. Then I'll guide you through identifying the work that needs to be done, estimating time and cost, and putting tasks into the right order. I'll describe how to build a project team and assign resources to tasks. I'll also provide tips for working with part-time workers and remote teams. We'll explore ways to fine-tune the schedule to balance people's work loads. Finally, we'll go over methods for managing a schedule to deliver what's important and keep the project on-track from start to finish. Managing a project schedule successfully requires a well-stocked toolbox. I'll introduce you to these tools and show you how to use them in managing project schedules.

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I'm a highly organized person, which is probably why I was put in charge of managing the projects in the first place. But organization isn't the same as project management, and my first project got off to a terrible start. I felt horrible about it, and my lack of confidence only made matters worse. Sure, I knew how to collect information, draft a schedule, and disseminate it to all the parties involved, but I had no idea what else I was supposed to be doing.

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Tera Simon spoke about this at the Digital Project Management Summit 2016. She shared examples from her experience on complex projects and gave us tips on how to manage the work when it seems unmanageable.