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Speaker (R-Wis.) has decided that his House colleagues won’t receive their committee assignments until January — after they cast a public vote on the House floor for Speaker, GOP sources told The Hill.

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Speaker Kotek Announces 2017 House Committee Assignments
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The jockeying and suspense will be especially acute in the House. Its 435 seats make specialization something close to a job requirement, so committee membership takes on outsize importance in driving each member’s legislative priorities and perceived areas of expertise — and in many cases fundraising focus as well. That helps explain why campaigning for a good assignment is an essential focus during every newly elected member’s two-month transition to office, and why the party leaders act as the gatekeepers of membership.

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As last week’s unveiling of committee assignments by House Speaker Joe Straus provided cause for celebration for some lawmakers. But just as some were heavily rewarded, others were deliberately snubbed.

U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa has received new House committee assignments, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday.
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Despite cozying up to House leadership and suffering the consequences (as evidenced by his deteriorating voting record), State Rep. (R–Dripping Springs) has been repeatedly kicked to the side and passed over in favor of other members for committee assignments and priority legislation. Despite entering his fourth legislative session, Isaac was passed over for a chairmanship and assigned regular positions on two new committees.In announcing the committee assignments, Speaker Straus said, "When I became Speaker, I vowed to help the members build a house that would operate fairly and help them bring their best talent forward to address the state's most difficult challenges. The committee assignments I am making today will draw upon the House's wisdom and experience and provide an opportunity for new leadership and ideas. We are fortunate to have a House where members want do what is best and right for Texas and I am confident that they will succeed."


We estimate the effect of seniority on the probability that members leave the committee to which they have been assigned, either to transfer to a different committee or to reduce their total number of committee assignments. We explore the probability and timing of transfers by defining both short- and long-term transfer outcomes. The first outcome measures transfers occurring through the organization of committees in the sophomore terms of Democratic representatives who were initially randomized to seniority ranks. Members who transfer during their first term or who do not return to their committees at the start of the second term are coded as 1, while all others are coded as 0. A second outcome of interest is whether legislators transferred off of their initial committee at any point during their congressional service. Again, this variable is coded 1 if a member left his or her committee of first assignment while remaining in the House. Members who remain on the committee until they leave the House due to death, defeat, or retirement are coded as zeros. With this coding convention, career transfers are a superset of first-term transfers.

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“It is an honor to receive a seat on each of these committees. My assignments ensure our district is represented on some of the most influential committees in the House,” said Rep. Smucker. “I look forward to applying my small business experience and problem solving skills as a legislator to find solutions to the problems we face as a country. I'll work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to strengthen our economy, improve our nation’s aging infrastructure, and reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses so they can expand and create jobs."

Newest House member receives committee assignments

BOISE – Controversial North Idaho Rep. Heather Scott was stripped of all three of her committee assignments in the House on Thursday, after she publicly claimed that female House members get leadership positions only if they “spread their legs.”