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In third grade, my teacher, Mrs. Payne, assigned more homework than I’d ever seen in my short life. It seemed like mountains each night. I couldn’t keep up. She gave us weekly homework charts and signed off whenever we completed an assignment. Weeks went by, and I drowned in the unfinished . Sick of all the worksheets and summaries, I did the unthinkable:

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Teachers can also offer support that is likely to increase the effectiveness of parental monitoring, such as homework sign-off sheets for parents, requests for comments or questions about homework performance, or suggestions for detecting and responding to signs of distraction or frustration. Helpful monitoring may also include efforts to focus student attention by posing questions or comments (e.g., “Good work! How did you think about solving that one?” or “That's really interesting”). Adults may also help students avoid unnecessary time on assignments (e.g., if students are to draw a picture of a math problem, they should be encouraged to focus on how the drawing depicts the problem, not the colors to be used in completing the work).

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Well, really it was just her initials. I came home from , went into the computer room and pulled out my depressingly blank homework sign-off sheet. Slumped over the stained blue piano bench, I looked over the three examples of her initials and chose a pen the exact color and thickness of the one she used: a thin, green Sharpie.

Homework Assignment Sheet. Have this enlarged at an office store and laminated. Write with dry erase boards.
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