To sum it all up, homework is bad thing.

Homework is bad, IF it gets daunting. Unless if the education system were to somehow inspire kids on each of the school subjects each student is taking, then it is certain that kids will complain. Take the US education system(s) for example. According to surveys from OECD, the majority of the kids hate math as of 2012. In Canada, its over 90%. Why? Part of it is because a lot of teachers, most holding a BA, and not a BSci (or similar degrees) do not feel comfortable with the content. Therefore, they may not feel confident in teaching the content. Thus students are less likely to be inspired. When students ask "Why am I learning this?", the teachers can answer, "Because it is important. And if you don't do it, you get detention.", especially in the elementary levels. This can be true in other subjects depending on each situation.

In addition, learning loss is a concern for students around the world. If students do not apply an advanced skill such as calculus in life, then they will likely forget the content.

Yes, homework can be beneficial, but only to the best interests of children.

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Small amounts of homework may not be a bad thing, but LOTS of homework is.
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Education & Our Strange Culture Of Bad Homework Assignments

STANFORD (CBS SACRAMENTO) – A new study found that too much homework is bad for children’s health. Researchers at Stanford say hitting the books for three or more hours a night won’t necessarily make a child perform better in school, but it can make them sick.

How Bad Homework Can Hurt Students

There are a lot of times when you are told never to copy assignments. So many students never take this for granted, until that point when they are caught between a rock and a hard place, and they are left wondering why they never spent enough time trying to understand what happened. Copying homework assignments is a bad thing. It is wrong on so many levels, and there are learning institutions which will actually punish you severely when you do this.

Education & Our Strange Culture Of Bad Homework Assignments
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This may seem like a silly question, but being in the dental industry, it’s something we like to explore. Can too much homework be bad for students’ teeth?In future research, the team will determine whether traders who do not do their homework are as overconfident as those who do, or if they’re more likely to adapt to new information and avoid bad financial outcomes.Similar to the previous question (How Is Homework Bad for Kids’ Health?), homework can also negatively affect kids’ dental health in a few different ways:Some amount of homework is useful for reinforcing ideas in students' minds. An argument can definitely be made that students are currently doing too much homework. Two hours of math homework is difficult; when it is combined with two hours of chemistry and two hours of physics and a history essay, it is not physically possible to keep up. Arguing that there should be limits on the amount of homework is not the same as saying that doing homework is bad for kids.

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There is no, nil, zero, zilch evidence that homework is beneficial! Not one tiny teeny little grain! And there is soooo much overwhelming evidence that homework is bad! Can't you realise that, people who keep saying no?
It causes unnecessary stress levels, steals sleep, causes arguments, wastes time, hinders learning (yes, lack of sleep and being really miserable WILL hinder learning), causes obesity..... I could go on forever!

Jan 24, 2017 - Is doing all that homework bad for young kids

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But back to school brings homework…lots of bloody homework. Every single day and, now that my daughter is entering the second grade, projects over the weekend as well. On a good day, one when she can have a snack beforehand and the work load is light, it takes as little as half an hour of math and some light reading. On a bad day, though, homework stretches off into an hour, maybe more.