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Most parents of children with learning disabilities would agree that, although the will to help is strong, the emotional involvement with one’s own child can make helping with homework difficult. As one parent said, “Homework is an activity that involves reading, math, and parent testing.”

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The handbook cautions against actually doing the homework for a child, but talking about the assignment so the child can figure out what needs to be done is OK. And reviewing a completed assignment with a child can also be helpful. The kind of help that works best depends, of course, partly on the child's age. Elementary school students who are doing homework for the first time may need more direct involvement than older students.


Just what kind of parental involvement -- and how much involvement -- truly helps children with their homework? The most useful stance parents can take, many experts agree, is to be somewhat but not overly involved in homework. The emphasis needs to be on parents' helping children do their homework -- not on doing it for them.

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As best you can, have your child do homework at about the same time every day, after school or in the early evening. For young children, knowing when to expect “homework time” — just like dinnertime or bedtime — helps them get into a routine and stick with it.Discover how to create the perfect mood, space, and time for your student’s academic success; how to help your student with homework—and how much help to give; and what to do when you don’t have the answers.Every assignment — from daily math homework to science projects with months of lead time — raises an important question: How much should parents help their children with schoolwork?It is an axiom of American education that parents are partners in theirchildren's education. Parents have traditionally participated by helpingtheir children with homework. The Big Six approach can help parents effectivelyguide their children through assignments and at the same time help theirchildren become independent learners and users of information.

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7. Work Alongside Your Child
Younger children tend to work better when an adult is nearby, ready to answer questions or help work out a problem. You can sit down with your own work or a magazine article or bills -- whatever quiet activity you can do while your child does her homework.

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When I was younger, I dreaded doing my homework to the point where, in third grade, I just stopped doing it, cold turkey. After a few days without receiving any assignments, my teacher alerted my mom who was, needless to say, unimpressed. Every day after school, I would have to sit at the kitchen table with my mom until I got everything done. Even after that incident, I never could quite shake my distaste for doing schoolwork after hours. Then, when I began babysitting, my favorite thing to do became helping kids with their assignments, even if they didn't need my assistance. I was especially helpful to my brothers, showing them what I had done in years past and catching their mistakes mid-math problem.

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Helping my ADHD kid with homework is challenging, but I do it every school night. It sucks, and I mostly hate it. I feel like I’m living in my own personal version of Groundhog Day. We go through the same infuriating routine every day. My child does their best to not listen or pay attention, and I sit there clinching my fists, trying to be patient, trying to be a good parent. I make sure that they are using their brains to solve problems. It’s a battle, but luckily there is a reward in sight. There is a particular moment that I am waiting for every day, and it’s like heaven. I’m talking about when the lightbulb in their brain finally turns on.