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Past participants in the HBS Business Plan Contest have gone on to create many successful companies such as Cloudfare, which enables Web sites to intelligently protect themselves from online attacks; Diagnostic-For-All, a nonprofit enterprise that has developed a low-cost, paper-based "lab-on-a-chip" for diagnosing diseases in poor regions around the globe; EyeView, which helps Web sites convert visitors into customers; Good Start Genetics, which is developing a low-cost, pre-pregnancy test for multiple genetic disorders; Finale, a Boston-area chain of four upscale restaurants specializing in fine desserts; and New Leaders for New Schools, a national nonprofit organization devoted to improving education for all children by attracting and preparing the next generation of outstanding leaders for urban public schools.

HBS Business Plan Contest - Highland Capital Partners

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A: On the first floor of the Rock Center at HBS there is a copy of the original business plan that Arthur Rock wrote for Intel some 40 years ago. It's only a few pages long, but it describes an outstanding team pursuing a new technology. I have seen compelling business plans in the form of a few PowerPoint slides, a couple of scribbled pages, and a brief video. What matters is having all the required ingredients (or a road map for getting them), not the exact form of communication.

Unfolding the 2010 HBS business plan contest

First-place teams in this year’s Business Plan Competition, which was co-sponsored by the HBS Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Clubs, each received $10,000 in cash and $10,000 in in-kind legal and accounting services. Five runner-up teams were also named, four in the traditional track and one in the social enterprise track. These teams each received $5,000 in cash and $5,000 in services.

The HBS Business Plan Contest Social Venture Track winners from Urban Water Partners make their presentation. Courtesy of Evgenia Eliseeva.
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The judges, representing an array of venture capital, law, and accounting firms, selected second-year HBS master of business administration candidate Sandra Nudelman and her sister, Michele, a student at Washington University Law School in St. Louis, as the first place winners in the traditional track for their business plan for a product called Judicial Intelligence. A suite of computer-based tools, Judicial Intelligence will help litigators strategically analyze the opinions of judges they will face in court. HBS assistant professor Mukti Khaire served as the team’s faculty adviser.

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A six-member team recently won both the Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) business plan contests for their work on Diagnostics-For-All (DFA), a nonprofit that seeks to change the landscape of health care in the developing world with accurate, affordable, and easy-to-administer diagnostic devices. The technology is tantamount to replacing a high-tech laboratory with a simple paper-based test the size of a postage stamp.

HBS Business Plan Finalists - Tough Mudder - The Harbus

The 15th annual $150,000 Harvard Business Plan Contest kicked off at 4:30pm sharp today at Burden Auditorium. HBS students arrived early, decked out in full suits, shaking hands, and offering one another the best of luck. Many darted with anxiety up to the audio visual crew to make certain their slides were in the queue, others hopped on stage for a quick photo opportunity, and some scooted to the basement for last minute pitch run-throughs. One thing rang certain as I sat in the auditorium and took in the precursor to the capstone of Harvard Business School’s MBA Entrepreneurship curriculum: Each team was fully prepared to win. And when I heard the pitches, I was even more impressed with the teams and their extraordinary (as in big) ideas.