Wonder Showzen I Hate Homework T-Shirt

That is my reason to end homework. There is only one thing in the world that I hate. I dislike justin bieber songs, I dislike wars, but I hate homework.

Wonder Showzen I Hate Homework T-Shirt

I mean I hate all of this stuff but homework brings the hell of school to your home! - moose4life19
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Is homework an extra job for you? Come on, tell us, do you hate it?

my two kids come home upset and crying they have so much homework they are discouraged and hate school because of it. they have no family time at all to speak of. i think this should go before congress to pass a bill that schools will not enforce homework as they do.

Homework is overwhelming and I hate it.

This is great! I hated homework growing up…
homework is a way for the school/teacher system to direct kids with needless busy work..
.’idle hands are the work of the…’ i’m sure everyone’s heard that saying at least a few times from those all knowing ancient leaders.
…maybe our homework assignments have evolved and mutated from the early farm and field assignments given to our forefathers by their puritanical and slightly misguided efforts to ensure the salvation of our souls in the afterlife. So we would then sleep easier at knight (from sheer tiredness) and the comfort we were going to rest easily in the hereafter by working ourselves to death! Amen!

I HATE homework! t-shirts. Part of our collection of cups and shirts.
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I hate homework, we waste 7 hours a day to learn stuff and then we have to do homework! Why should we have to do homework isn't school work enough and when we get home from school we don't want to be stuck doing school work at home we should be relaxing after 7 hours of work!I don't hate school. In fact, my fifth grade teacher is the best! My fifth grade teacher hated how we got homework and even wished it wasn't part of the school rules. Yes, homework is in the school rules. NOW I'M IN SIXTH GRADE, and it is so dang hard! My sixth grade teacher gives us SO MUCH homework, and it takes me 7 hours to do one single page! We once had a math test coming up and she gave A LOT of math review homework to us. When taking the test, it wasn't as hard as the homework! It took me 30 minutes to do the crap, and I will get my test back in ten days after the day I took it Nov. 20, 2015 . My sixth grade teacher tells us that homework is important in our lives, and she said that in a tone implying that she wants us to do homework. Homework's the worst, and that's why it's 1! I am good friends with this popular girl, and we HATE homework and wish it would go away! My teacher said it won't. She is the most not fun sixth grade teacher, and my friends in the other classes say ...I hate homework! If seven hours of boredom wasn't enough! Then you have to go home and do stupid homework when you could be doing other things! School basically doesn't want kids having any kind of fun and wants all kids constantly just working, working, working. I mean, school helps you be a we'll rounded person but homework is just a big, pointless waste of time!How is this not number one? This is by far the biggest complaint about school I hear! I hate it, we slave away in school and then have to go home and slave away on homework for school! Whoever came up with this idea I would say is the evilest person in all of school history!

I hate homework and think it should be banned.

i hate homework so much and if anybody gives me any more i’m gunna pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my teachers give you home work over the summer holidays and the christmas holidays, even though i hate homework, (everyone does) but it really does help you in class, and a tip – get all your homework done WHEN YOU GET IT so you can chill out and not worry about it.

Homework DOES make me hate learning!!!!!!!

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