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I have been fortunate in acquiring a large selection of fine handmade writing and drawing papers. They are mostly English and date from 1589 to around 1972, when the last commercial mills shut down in Britain. All papers listed here are handmade unless otherwise specified. Sizes and weights are approximate, but are as close as we can determine. Sizes do not include deckles. Quantities are very limited so check on availability. No samples are available except for WSH Creme Laid where I have some small trim pieces.

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In an age when e-mail is used to send everything from thank-you notes to wedding invitations, it's easy to assume that no one would appreciate the beauty of a nice note card. Engraved stationery, however, has become a status symbol on par with a Palm VII or the latest Web-enabled cell phone. Writing a message on handmade, hand-engraved paper doesn't brand you as a Luddite; it makes you look good. So we embarked on a round-the-world quest for the best in fine stationery—both old and new.

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Over in the Fourth Arrondissement, a narrow street in the Marais is home to Papier Plus (9 Rue du Pont Louis Philippe; 33-1/42-77-70-49). It doesn't do custom printing, but it does sell notebooks, sketchbooks, and photo albums designed by co-owner Laurent Tisné and handmade in a small bindery in central France. The notebooks—a favorite of writers, art students, and fashion stylists—come in five sizes, with a different type of paper in each and cloth covers in 16 colors. If you get hooked, as many do, log on to the shop's Web site () to stock up without crossing the pond.

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Making paper by hand is a craft that goes back thousands of years, to the Han Dynast in China, where it was created using mulberry plants, old rags and even fishnets. In this workshop you’ll learn how to identify, harvest and process plants and materials to make beautiful and textured handmade paper and master the techniques for making successful sheets of paper that you can use for writing, drawing, bookmaking and painting. We’ll touch, tear and write on a variety of types of handmade paper, make pulp and pull dozens of sheets of paper, learn techniques for drying paper, and gain skill using and cleaning a mold and deckle. We’ll also watch a few short videos of papermakers in other parts of the world. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the experience and confidence to make your own paper at home.

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If you prefer a or notebook over individual sheets of writing paper, you need a book cover, a leather punch, a large needle, and waxed thread or embroidery floss to bind the pages together. Design your handmade writing paper so it can be folded in half, and group the folded pages together in small booklets of three or four sheets. Line up the papers with the cover, punch holes through the entire book, and use the and thread to bind the journal with a simple stitch.

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All of my papers are equally excellent for writing with pens. Both handmade papers have smooth surfaces with just a slight, satisfying “tooth”. The bamboo paper is not handmade and therefor is the smoothest of them all. All are acid-free and bleed-free. It is simply a matter of personal preference. Some folks prefer the bright white surface of the 100% cotton watercolor or the bamboo…while others enjoy the more rustic, natural look of the hemp paper. And those writing/drawing with pencils will really love the bamboo papers….it is easier to get a crisp line with the smoother surface of the bamboo. I personally love them all!!