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Usually on the front page of your assignment you need to include important information, like the name of your institution, your name, your student number, etc. A good idea is to include this on your cover page (title page).

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Here is a screen shot of the admin area, showing the front page gantry settings (Assignments).
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cover page of project How to make the front page or cover page of your School/College Assignment Project file. Learn in easy steps and download the sample ...

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Each group will design a newspaper front page in Adobe InDesign that includes the selected five stories and selected photos. Assume you are editors for The Tuscaloosa News. The instructor will provide students with several page "templates" that are partly built in Adobe InDesign. These page templates will be available on WebCT. Students may look over the selection of page templates, then dummy their layout using pencil and paper. Students may produce their own designs from scratch if they wish, but this is only recommended if students feel strongly confident in your Adobe InDesign abilities because lab access will be minimal. Students should write headlines for these pages, put cutlines on the photos, and each student must turn in a page dummy, a printed InDesign page and an electronic version of the InDesign page uploaded to FINAL PROJECT assignment module in WebCT by Friday, April 22nd at 9:50 a.m..

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this assignment is to provide a critical analysis of both the strengths and weaknesses of a newspaper front page
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My students’ assignment seemed straightforward: take a front page of a newspaper and translate it into a Web site’s home page using InDesign. In a week focused on visual storytelling, this was our third exercise.

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Your assignment is to develop a page using either Composer or FrontPage. Try a variety of different things and create a page that shows you have explored some different options. I am leaving it open but make the page look like you spent about an hour.