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This section of our essay help relates to the organizational aspects of writing, the process of topic development, and the coherence, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics. Specific steps, when followed carefully, will result in a well-organized, structurally sound piece of writing:

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Transitions help underline your essay's overall organizational logic.

But these are not exclusively patterns of organization. As Hacker herself says, these patterns are "sometimes called " Randall Decker uses the same patterns to group essays in our reader, and he calls them "patterns of exposition." A slightly more formal term you may run across is "rhetorical modes." These patterns (or methods or modes) are partially patterns of organization, and partially patterns of development—that is, sometimes they help you organize content; other times they help you find content.

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Paragraph IV
(Conclude your essay with a wrap-up of why you should be considered for the scholarship; how do your goals match those of the organization, etc.)

Your organization stands for what I believe in. Like your organization, I hope to help animals for the rest of my life. To reach my goals, I need as much help as possible. I already have the moral support of my family and friends, but that is not quite enough to make my dream come true. I hope that your organization can help me reach this dream by awarding me your scholarship.

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This is a hard essay to write. It’s probably much more personal than any of the papers you have written for class, because it’s about you, not World War II or planaria. You may want to start by just getting something—anything—on paper. Try freewriting. Think about the questions we asked above and the prompt for the essay, and then write for 15 or 30 minutes without stopping. What do you want your audience to know after reading your essay? What do you want them to feel? Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, organization, or anything else. Just get out the ideas you have. For help getting started, see our .

may vary with individual organization and audience expectation

Paragraphs 2-4
These three paragraphs are your body paragraphs, where you should argue, explain, describe, etc. your thesis. It's helpful to dedicate your body paragraph to each point you make regarding your thesis, this helps both you and your reader stay focused. For example, if you're writing an essay arguing that music preference isn't the only factor that can influence a teenager's behavior, and you plan to argue other factors such as television viewing, upbringing, and school environment, then do the following: dedicate one body paragraph to T.V. viewing, one body paragraph to upbringing, and one body paragraph to school environment. Don't try to cram all of your points/arguments into one looooooming paragraph! Besides, breaking your subject matter down into more manageable chunks enhances not only the essay's organization; it makes the whole writing process a lot less daunting!*

However, flexibility is important

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