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*Spoilers for The Hobbit to follow*
Thorin is often criticized for the choices he makes after the death of Smaug, and the average reader is rarely sympathetic with his refusal to share the treasure with the people of Lake-town. But when I read the story, I find it hard not to side with him. This essay is an attempt to justify my reaction. [Note: This is based on my reactions to the original Hobbit story only, without factoring in the material from the Appendices, Unfinished Tales, or the film.]

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I’m honored that you think that I should be writing essays. I’ve been writing some for fellow members of Eorlingas: Indonesian Tolkien Society, because most of them have only seen the movies and The Silmarillion has yet to be translated into our native language. That’s why I’ve been perusing my books a lot lately, to answer questions arising from The Hobbit movies and new members who have seen LOTR but have a lot of things to ask because they haven’t read The Silmarillion, UT, or HOME. But the essays I wrote are in Indonesian and I usually just do the writing, while a fellow member is tasked with finding appropriate fanart or photos to illustrate it. I have yet to write a full-fledged essay in English with illustrations and bibliography as you have done on this site.

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An essay on ‘The Hobbit’ English yr 9 Naomi Verrell J.R. R Tolkien’s The Hobbit fits into the genre of fantasy, the facts we have to prove this are features ...

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Great job with the essay! And like jmurray I want to say that as a reader it’s not necessarily so that you don’t sympathize with Thorin. I was a child of ten when I first read the Hobbit and while I did agree that the treasure ought to be shared I was outraged by how arrogantly Thorin was treated by his (former?) allies.

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The story begins and ends in The Shire, in the Village of Hobbiton, a completely imaginary place which resembles a medieval English country village unspoiled by modern inventions. In one major way Hobbiton differs from a real world village, even one in the Middle Ages: it is inhabited by hobbits, creatures about three feet tall who prefer to live in hobbit-holes rather than in houses above ground. Although Tolkien does not use the name Middle-earth in The Hobbit, in The Lord of the Rings he places the world of Bilbo’s quest in this realm. Physically, Middle-earth resembles modern earth, with its terrain, seasons, and natural beauty. It is the inhabitants of Middle-earth who add a touch of unreality. In making a world in which Bilbo and his dwarf companions can conduct their quest, Tolkien assumes the creative rights which his essay “On Fairy-stories” grants to a story-maker: the right to be free with nature and use the real world as a basis from which to fashion something new, with its own inner consistency.

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to defend Fantasy, science fiction, and myth from its critics in a series of explicative essays dealing with literary theory. Similarly, Lewis’ colleague at Oxford, J.R.R. Tolkien also defended Fantasy, or as he called it, “fairy-stories.” Tolkien was known for his fantastic works that included The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and an assortment of companion books to the series. He was also well known for his criticism of Beowulf, “The Monsters and the Critics.” His Fantasy…