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Your essay should show how your own experience illuminates or illustrates the Law of Life you have selected. The experience may have been a major event in your life, or it may have been a small, quiet moment when you came to understand something valuable about life.

John Lothrop Liberty Award Essay Topic: Liberty and the law

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Frederick Douglass Freedom Award Essay Topic: Freedom and the law

"I wouldn't have come this far in my life adventure if it weren't for the Laws of Life Essay Contest. It is with deep gratitude that I thank the Laws of Life program for the opportunities that you've given me."

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Essay Topic: Eligible entries must discuss some aspect of consumer financial services law. Topics that relate principally to securities regulation, insurance, or the safety and soundness aspects of banking regulation are not eligible, but works on subjects within these (or other) areas will be considered if they bear directly on consumer financial services.

Belva Ann Lockwood and John Rock Justice Award  and Essay Topic: Justice and the law
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It's not easy to summarize your life and your goals into a short personal statement for college, graduate school, or law school. But that's exactly what the admissions committee asks for! The following excerpt shows you just how far professional-level editing can take your application essay. A type of essay that basically focuses on laws is a law essay. As said, law essays focuses on laws; all aspects that can be related to law. May it be on comparing laws, bureaucratic systems, adherence and the conception of law (modern or traditional?). Moreover, law crosses politics in terms of governance and economics. So anything that concerns politics concerns laws. offers all users free access to over 100 admissions essays accepted by the United States' top undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. The following Sample Admissions Essay is for Law School.If you have a lot of experience, the bulk of your essay may be spent on this theme rather than on the Why I Want to Go to Law School theme. You should try to relate your qualifications back to your motivation at some point, though, even if it is only a reference. Often, people will do this in a single, concluding sentence. This can be a powerful approach as long as your passion is clearly demonstrated through your description of your experiences. Look at the essay below for an example of this. The writer spends all but the last paragraph of his essay describing his dedication to activism, first by lobbying to have the Confederate flag removed from the Boy Scouts, and later by actions taken as student body president. He doesn’t make a verbal tie-in to his motivation until the last few sentences of his essay:

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The winning essay will be published in the South Carolina Law Review and will be presented to the recipient at the American Inns of Court annual at the