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My college experience with the English language has been short but pleasant. I just recently finished my second year of college as an English major, and I enjoyed each of my classes. The professors have a love for the English language and literature that I both share and admire. The way that they teach their classes engages their students, and this is a characteristic which I have not experienced or witnessed, with the exception of my Italian teacher, since I was in the seventh grade. I have learned that personal interpretation of literature is acceptable. I have been given the opportunity to truly read short stories and novels which I only skimmed through in high school. My writing skills have improved as I have been given the opportunity to write in the essay format that I enjoy. My love for the English language has been rekindled during the past two years. As I continue to formally study the English language in college, I am independently studying the Italian language.

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Thanks, because this essay is very important to me, and the main thing is that essay teach to all of us is that the English language is very important.

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My English teachers in junior high were also successful at making me interested in the English language. My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Holloway, was the first teacher that I ever had who concentrated on teaching her students how to write essays. She spent a great deal of time teaching the parts of speech and the rules of grammar. She then taught us how to apply the rules that we learned to our personal writing. At least once a week, Mrs. Holloway would bring a video in for the class to watch. Following the video, we were told to write a specific type of essay about what we had seen. I remember how excited I was when Mrs. Holloway brought the boxed set of the Indiana Jones Trilogy for the class to watch. I wrote an essay about each movie’s plot, and, at the end of the month, I was given the assignment of writing a comparison essay of the three movies. Mrs. Holloway took the otherwise boring assignment of writing an essay and made it extremely interesting. She taught us how to decide which details were important to include in a summary and how to set up comparisons. I wrote just about every type of essay possible while I was a student in Mrs. Holloway’s sixth grade English class. I came away from my experience in Mrs. Holloway’s class truly appreciating the art of writing an essay. To this day, I enjoy writing essays more than any other style of writing.Automated Essay Evaluation (AEE) systems are being increasingly adopted in the United States to support writing instruction. AEE systems are expected to assist teachers in providing increased higher-level feedback and expediting the feedback process, while supporting gains in students’ writing motivation and writing quality. The current study explored these claims using a quasi-experimental study. Four eighth-grade English Language Arts (ELA) classes were assigned to a combined feedback condition in which they received feedback on their writing from their teacher and from an automated essay evaluation (AEE) system called PEG Writing®. Four other eighth-grade ELA classes were assigned to a teacher feedback-only condition, in which they received feedback from their teacher via GoogleDocs. Results indicated that teachers gave the same median amount feedback to students in both condition, but gave proportionately more feedback on higher-level writing skills to students in the combined PEG + Teacher Feedback condition. Teachers also agreed that PEG assisted them in saving one-third to half the time it took to provide feedback when they were the sole source of feedback (i.e., the GoogleDocs condition). At the conclusion of the study, students in the combined feedback condition demonstrated increases in writing persistence, though there were no differences between groups with regard to final-draft writing quality.

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language. Throughout this essay you may have noticed quotations around the terms "black English" and "standard English". This is because I find it ridiculous to split English into two categories. When an Australian speaks and we find it hard to understand them we don't call it "aussie English", or when a person from England comes and we find their English hard to understand we don't call there language "brit English". You see…

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The purpose for writing the essays for the AP English Language free response questions is to persuade through argumentation and synthesis. Your use of the English language, however, also plays a role in the effectiveness of your response.

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An article from 1981, 's , set in motion a "wide variety of critiques, reconsiderations, and outright attacks against the plain style" that is argued for in Orwell's essay. The main issue that most critics[] found with Orwell's argument for simple language is "his simplistic faith about thought and language existing in a dialectical relation with one another; others quickly cut to the chase by insisting that politics, rightly considered, meant the insertion of an undercutting before every value word the hegemony holds dear." These critics also began to question Orwell for his argument of the absoluteness of the English language, and really question whose values and truths were being represented through the language. While there are many scholars who defend Orwell's arguments in "Politics and the English Language", there are also those who see many issues with the essay. In Kogan's "In Celebration of George Orwell on the Fiftieth Anniversary of 'Politics and the English Language'" issues arising from Orwell's arguments are discussed.