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Learning how to start up an electrical business requires training, licensing, equipment, a sound business plan and marketing strategy. Formal electrical education and training is required, and most states require testing before a license is issued. On the business end, setting up the business follows procedures similar to those of other businesses -- you may start your own electrical business from scratch or purchase an electrical contractor franchise for startup assistance, business expertise and company branding.

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This is an electrical contractor business plan for Premiere Electric. Premiere Electric is a construction company that installs high-end security systems, data transfers, and communications systems. According to this small company's electrical contractor sample business plan, Premiere Electric aims to perform high-quality electrical work by offering quick and convenient personalized services to its clientèle. Owned by Robin Sullivan, the first woman ever to obtain the Richmond City Master Electrician License, Premiere Electric specializes in data and communication as well as electrical installation and maintenance. Ms. Sullivan is well-known in the Richmond area, having worked on every major construction project in the tri-county area over the past ten years. Though Premiere Electric is currently a small business where Robin Sullivan is the only employee, the owner plans to hire additional staff as the company grows.

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None. After the data is entered by you into our templates, the charts will update automatically with the information on Business Establishments by Industry and you can click on the output button to get to the output tab from where you can cut and paste this chart directly into your Business Plan for an Electrical Contractor.

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Finding ways to grow your electrical contracting business requires development of a marketing plan. A marketing plan also gives you a guide for staying on top of the changes in the market, such as when competitors come and go, or when your customer’s needs for electrical installation or repairs change. Once you finish your marketing plan, share it with your electricians as well as sales and administrative staff so everyone knows where your firm is headed.Identify the strategies you plan to use to convince businesses and homeowners to contract for your electrical services. For instance, include sales calls to contractors and remodeling firms as well as getting in touch with government agencies to find out what they require to give you an electrical contract. Using telephone directory advertising is another form of promotion. Other tactics include direct mail, sales letters and a website that outlines what you offer and why prospects should call your firm rather than another electrical contractor.

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Obtain a local business permit from your town hall, state contracting license and tax registration certificate from your state's taxation and licensing offices, and federal Tax Identification Number and Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS, most states and some local governments have forms and online filing services on their websites. Secure financing through a lending company (if required). You will need your business plan, official business and personal documents as required by the lending company. Purchase business liability insurance from your insurance company. Your insurance agent will advise you as to how much is required in your state, and advise you if additional surety bonding is necessary. Consider union affiliation with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Although not required, some commercial, industrial and government work contracts favor contractors with union affiliation.

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The largest operating expense for a small business like Home At Last Realty is of course compensation. Given that both the owners have plans of hiring only one admin for the first year and another in the second year of operations, the only compensation expense in the first critical year of operations will be the salaries that they pay themselves and their admits over which they have complete control. Other electrical sub-contractors that may be hired for specific jobs by Lights On Electrical will be compensated for that particular job and paid on a 1099 - they will not be full time employees of the firm. Likewise if the firm decides to take on an apprentice, they anticipate paying the apprentice a modest hourly wage for the specific hours the apprentice is working on projects with either Andy or Jose. They are projecting that

Free Electrical Contractor Business Plan Template. Table of Contents:

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