Doctorate Without Dissertation: A Real Way To Save Your Time

For one directly admitted to the doctoral program from the B.A. degree (see above), completion of 66 hours beyond the B.A. is required, with twelve hours of the total allocated for the dissertation. Eighteen graduate classes are required beyond the B.A. degree.

Possibilities To Get The Doctorate Without Dissertation Writing

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Should You Apply For A Doctorate Without A Dissertation?

Walden University is well known as one of the leaders in distance learning, a reputation due in part to its nearly 50-year history in higher education and its nearly 50,000 student enrollment. In many ways the school boasts universal appeal, but its top online emergency management doctoral program is one of a kind. The only such PhD available as a concentration within a criminal justice degree, Walden’s emergency management specialization blends security concerns and disaster response in a way not many schools can. In addition to 81 credits of advanced coursework and dissertation research, PhD students at Walden must also complete four on-campus residencies (a minimum of 16 days) in order to graduate.
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The Secret To Getting Doctorate Degree Without A Dissertation

This has become more common in traditional doctoral programs. Also, in master's programs as well. It is usually combined as chapters, but the chapters are papers sent off for review. Generally its: Overall Introduction, Various chapters of research projects, Overall Conclusion. I will have four projects at the end of this summer. One is being submitted to a journal for review this week, the others will be sent out when they are written. My hope is to get the first paper in press by the time I defend. That way my committee will have little reason to comment on it since its been through peer-review. My master's thesis was like this. It ended up with two published papers and a third in review right now. With the constant pressure to publish, publish, publish in academia, this seems like a suitable approach to a dissertation. I don't know why this would take longer if you would just submit it as a dissertation and then eventually (if passed through review) the papers would get published. However, if had to wait to get my master's until after the papers were published, then yes it would have been longer. I graduated in 2004 and the third paper has not been published yet; rejected twice due to some statistics issues. Welcome to the forum Jordan. I started out at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville majoring in Physics when I was a youngster. What is your expertise?

Any others to add? Isn't a doctorate without a dissertation a little like having a hamburger without any meat?
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Are There Any Doctoral Programs without a Dissertation Required

Committee Composition
A committee of at least five members is required. A majority of the members of a doctoral committee (and a majority of the people passing the student on an examination or approving a doctoral dissertation) must be regular members of the UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate Faculty from the student's major academic program. Other members may be special appointees to the Graduate Faculty. Doctoral programs are encouraged to include scholars from outside the program to serve as members of doctoral committees. The outside members may be selected from among scholars from other academic programs or from other institutions where scholarly work is conducted. The committee is approved by the academic program's director of graduate studies, after consultation with the student.

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In hindsight, it is almost preposterous to think that you can get a doctorate without completing the dissertation. The course means and essays that you will have to submit an original work of great responsibility, acuity and comprehensiveness. You cannot become a doctor by jumping a tree; you need to labor for it and through your jugular.

Hey I am finishing up my masters degree in criminal justice this fall

Does anyone know of a doctorate program that doesn't require a dissertation or heavy research project? I don't mind completing a project, but have no desire at my age to try to do a heavy research project then try to write a 700 page dissertation. I don't mind doing an oral presentation / defense or a project with a reasonable paper. What is the shortest doctorate program that anyone knows of? I have looked at some that are 97 credits! That would be ridiculous to embark on at my age. My boss wants to be able to check a check box and I honestly think she is planning on moving up to VP and wants me to apply for Dean so that might be her motivation. I'm not interested in a need to be called a doctor and it would be a check box marked off, much like others do with undergrad degrees. I would rather use it to teach undergrad programs at the university level instead of being a Dean...too much paperwork for my liking!