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I have zero sympathy for you crying over homework. The fact that so many cry about tells me this is one of the reasons we have so many illeritate, ignorant adults. I was in advanced classes from 6th grade on and I have homework every night, weekends and holidays. Not only did I complete my homework, I managed to have plenty of fun reading, writing, hanging out with friends or whatever I felt like doing. Of course I hated homework, everyone does, but I, like everyone else for decades got through it and managed to be a happy kid. If course that was back in the day before kids were coddled and taught everyone’s a winner.

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Most of this really IS about time management and prioritizing though. I’m in a competitive high school, 5 AP classes and 2 honors classes, and have an SAT score of 2340. I’m competitive. I do homework in my classes whenever the teacher isn’t looking, at lunch while I eat, on the bus ride to school, etc. The people complaining about sleeping little due to homework are the ones that start late or, sadly, put too much work into it. Work smart, not hard. Don’t do all your homework everyday, do the subjects you have a 90 on, not the one you have a 96 on. Homework counts for 10% at my school, so I can easily skip half of my homework in most of my classes and STILL get an A.
Take my advice, a 90 is the same as a 100 for GPA (at least in my school).
I shall be graduating this year as valedictorian out of a class of 1049 people.

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