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The procedure for establishing a committee is to provide potential members with a 3-page statement of the expected focus of the dissertation work prior to meeting individually with the faculty member. Once you have secured agreement from committee members, you will arrange an initial meeting with them to develop your plan for developing your dissertation proposal.

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Q. “Do you plan on having kids anytime soon?”A. “I’m working on my dissertation.”
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This work plan must be approved by the dissertation chair.

Work Plan. The work plan should specify what dissertation work will be accomplished during the award period. It should include realistic dates by which each stage will be completed. If the study is in progress, the proposal should clearly describe methods as implemented rather than methods as planned, for example, actual samples obtained rather than samples planned.

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Budget and Justification. The award is intended to finance only budget items associated with the completion of the dissertation. The budget should include a rationale for how all items are related to the completion of the project. Funding can cover such expenses as, for example, data gathering equipment, analytical software and training, primary source materials, travel and accommodations for fieldwork, duplicating, postage, modest stipends for subjects, and hourly pay to hire assistants for such tasks as transcription, translation, collecting or coding data, rating, and similar work. Funding cannot cover such expenses as computers, the applicant's personal salary, conference travel, and housing or living expenses. Funding may cover already-expended costs, given that they meet the requirements of the College Budget office.

Criteria. Student applications will be judged in terms of the following evaluation criteria: importance to the field, methodological soundness, student's capacity to carry out the project, appropriateness of budget, and feasibility of work plan. Successful proposals will clearly state the significance of the research for the field of education, broadly defined, and will clearly describe the study's methodology and implementation.

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Work plan for your dissertation

Now, a postdoctoral research proposal has to cover much of that same ground. But the most important element of the proposal is the plan of work for the term of the postdoc. You need to explain a specific plan — a month-by-month or term-by-term schedule of the research, writing, and publishing that will be accomplished during the postdoctoral fellowship. Postdoc committees want to know that you will put their time and money to good use, and the best assurance of that is a viable, realistic, and highly specific plan. Using the model I outlined above more a research statement, you can add this detailed plan in a paragraph that follows directly after the one on your dissertation-related publications. In the work-plan paragraph, mention any future publications from your dissertation that you anticipate writing and submitting during the postdoc.

a work plan and/or timeframe for completing your dissertation.

I encourage you to use your action plan as a way to balance the need to complete both urgent and nonurgent tasks. As much as possible, plan time each day to work on dissertation tasks. Completing these tasks is not only important for you to make consistent progress toward earning your PhD, it is also important to help you experience a sense of fulfillment during the process and build your sense of motivation and momentum to continue your work the next day. There are times when you may need to devote more energy to urgent tasks such as pressing family issues or a grant deadline. Once those more urgent tasks or issues are handled, aim to quickly rebalance the amount of time you dedicate to urgent and nonurgent tasks. In general, when you make your dissertation a priority, you will naturally complete the urgent tasks as well, because they are by definition urgent.


Applications often ask for you to present a work plan, clarify your dissertation topic, and explain how the funds will be used. Make sure that you include this information and also follow all directions concerning page length and formatting! When there are far more applications than available funds, a committee will simply move all the applications that didn’t follow directions to another pile and not consider them. Don’t let this be your application’s fate!