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We have looked at classrooms and back-to-school parties in our last few posts. Now let’s take a look at some very pretty spaces for getting the dreaded homework done. When I was a young student, I seem to remember doing my homework at the kitchen table, but now there are entire rooms devoted to that chore. I like how the desk spaces are back to back in the room below.

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Painted wood desk for homework & makeup/hair. Works great and my daughter loves it!
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Painted wood desk for homework & makeup/hair

This space is everything you could want in your home: clean lines, lots of storage, tucked into a little built-in. If you’ve got the space for a built-in desk, you can’t beat it for homework management!

when do kids need their own desks for homework

Tuck supplies inside a desk after homework is complete to declutter the space. When it's time to sit for the next batch of assignments, simply slide the desk and your little Einstein can start picking his brain. Photo courtesy of

Simple storage with West Elm parsons desks and flat files, etc. Love this for homework space
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diy wall desk for kids - for when the kids outgrow the dress up clothes and playhouse area will put in a "homework" station with 2 or more desks.diy wall desk for kids - for when the kids outgrow the dress up clothes and playhouse area will put in a "homework" station with 2 or more desks.i like the dual desk area with workspace for two, since Ry and I both have laptops and are usually on them at the same time. I would probably grow it up a bit though, this looks like a kids homework or homeschool stationThere are officially no more excuses to not do your homework. Even if you are no longer at school, you are a still a student of life. This functional desk by Robin Grasby has everything you need. It contains space for gadgets and paper, a Drywipe magnet board for notes and cutting board for those DIY projects you've been postponing. Power sockets? Yes it has them, no need to leave your chair. Stationary holder? Yep, no more losing of pens. Just stop making excuses, okay? Pay some respect to your work and use this magnificent desk. It'll teach you a thing or two about organization.With 4 kids in school this year our family needed a central spot for homework. Last year I would send the older boys to their rooms where each boy had a desk we made for them. However, it didn’t seem like much homework was getting done and everyone always wound up in the kitchen anyway :). So Jason and I made a plan to create a desk and homework station in the kitchen. We decided we needed to add a kitchen desk for a computer the kids could do homework on and we could keep an eye on.A dedicated study space in the house will not only give your child a specific place to work and focus, but designing a fun and engaging work station (that’s stocked with all their homework essentials) will make doing homework stress-free (and maybe even a little fun) for all! We’ve rounded up 22 inspiring study space and desk ideas that will help you create a fun and completely functional homework station in your home.

DIY Hideaway Wall Desk for Kids' Homework.

I would love more than one of these spaces for myself! Both of our sons had desks in their rooms and actually used them most of the time. They never looked as orderly as these unless mom tidied up for visitors. 🙂
The little white desk with the monogrammed lamp shade is particularly charming. Oh, and my desk, which I rarely use, is in a converted closet in our study. Mr. B. uses the built-in desk along the wall opposite the closet desk set up.
Your daughters desk (the image on top was your daughters, wasn’t it?) is so pretty and I love the bulletin board.
Fun images.
Karen, I am with you in wanting one of these for myself. Thank you for the compliments on our daughters’homework area.

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It's like the desk your kid uses at school, but better. Instead of sticky gum and pencil etchings, this sleek all-in-one unit features a colorful steel frame and smooth mango wood. With a desk this cool, kids will actually look forward to doing their homework.

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Electronic gadgets allow middle and high school students to be more mobile than young kids; however, a permanent homework spot is still essential. Even though teenagers might prefer to sit on the couch or in bed with their laptop, sitting at a desk helps promote concentration and alertness. Additionally, a desk will provide a space to store supplies, spread out papers and keep a docking station for chargers.