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There needed to be unequivocal conduct on behalf of the tenant which would justify the conclusion that the lease had been impliedly surrendered. Here, the tenant had simply stood by while negotiations progressed between the Sables and QFS. On the basis that the lease had not been surrendered, it could not be implied that a tenancy at will between the Sables and QFS had arisen. The tenant had therefore not assented to the granting of a tenancy at will and the lease was now vested in QFS as a result of the deed of assignment.

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also ask for a deed of assignment of rental income if the property has tenants.
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[1a] The defendant's attack on the trial court's findings and judgment is stated in varying forms. However, his basic position is that the joint tenancy in the real property and deed of trust was terminated as a matter of law by reason of the execution and recording of the deed and assignment. [265 Cal. App. 2d 294]

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The Sables negotiated terms for a new lease with QFS who, in fact, went into occupation. However, the negotiations faltered and no new lease was entered into. Instead, QFS asked the administrator of the tenant to assign the lease to it and, as a result of this request, a deed of assignment was executed.

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On February 7, 1966, the day before she died, Lottie R. Clark executed two instruments: (1) A quitclaim deed of an undivided one-half interest in the said real property from herself, as grantor and as a joint tenant, to herself, as grantee and as a tenant-in-common, and (2) an assignment of an undivided one-half interest in the aforesaid deed of trust from herself, as assignor and as a joint tenant, to herself, as assignee and as a tenant-in- common. She gave the conveyances to her attorney for recording purposes before she passed away the following day. Both documents were recorded on February 11, 1966. She intended, and the trial court so found, to terminate the joint tenancy in the real property and in the deed of trust by executing the foregoing instruments. The assignment and quitclaim deed were effected without the husband's knowledge or consent. On May 9, 1966, he filed an affidavit terminating the joint tenancy interests which he believed existed in the aforesaid real property and deed of trust.

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