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Critical thinking is recognised as a necessary central competency of university graduates in a variety of professional fields. Many articles identify and expound on the need for critical thinking pedagogy allied with sound moral and ethical thought and behaviour. This paper seeks to identify the central aspects of critical thinking within the ethical conceptual terms of ontology, epistemology, and axiology for sport management pedagogy. Within the concept of axiology is the basis of ethical thinking and acting. We weave the discussion of critical thinking within an ethical basis toward practical pedagogical activities for developing and advancing critical thinking skills and abilities in sport management graduates.

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The Critical Thinking Boot Camp delivered by Executive Development Associates and powered by the is an intensive, three-phase development process focused on learning practical decision-making and problem-solving skills that will have an IMMEDIATE impact on your bottom line. While there won’t be any push-ups or sprints, each attendee will be immersed in masters level, vigorous training on critical thinking. They will be assessed, will work on their real work-related issues and be kept accountable by a coach as well as your management team. Seventy-four percent of participants say they applied new skills on the job!

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Critical thinking has many definitions, but it’s important for those in leadership and management roles to take a step back and consider how exactly they want their employees to take an analytical and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

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But there’s been a lot less discussion about the critical thinking skills needed by nurse managers, who also must function in a highly complex environment. Many nurse managers have risen to their current positions based on their competence in a clinical role, without any formal training or experience in leadership and management skills. They somehow have to learn to think critically about unfamiliar areas like finance, budgeting, staffing, strategic planning, and quality assurance. Without critical thinking skills, nurse managers can’t make day-to-day decisions strategically, with an eye toward advancing the goals of the organization.Critical thinking works differently in each setting, which means it isn't the sort of thing you learn once and never have to study again. Larger companies should include specially tailored critical thinking workshops as a part of their management courses. Smaller companies may not have management courses, in which case the best option is to put a new or potential manager under the wing of an experienced, proficient one in the same area of the business.

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Action Management Associates is a progressive, innovative, and results-focused training and consulting company with over 30 years of demonstrated expertise teaching critical thinking courses, team building, problem solving, and a proven decision making process to diverse audiences in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

critical thinking skills and abilities in sport management graduates.

If you want to succeed in 21st Century business you need to become a critical thinker. of the Rotman School of Management figured this out a decade ago and as dean, has been working to transform his school’s business curriculum with greater emphasis on critical thinking skills. As Lane Wallace explained in the , what Martin and many others are seeking to do is approach learning and problem solving from a multicultural platform that borrows from academia, business, the arts and even history.

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–Christopher P. Neck is an associate professor of management and author of the soon to be released textbook, “Organizational Behavior: A Critical Thinking Approach,” SAGE, 2016.