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An effective business development plan is essential for creating opportunities for long-term business growth. Credit unions must continually focus on creating awareness and maintaining visibility, as they face vigorous competition from traditional banks and the services that traditional banks provide. As a result, the goals of credit union business development plans extend to all aspects of the organization.

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Louisiana Credit Union League-facilitated planning sessions are designed to help your credit union thrive by identifying and achieving your critical success path. The end product of the session is a professionally designed Strategic Business Plan for your credit union.

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There’s a difference between having a business continuity plan, and knowing you can execute that plan. What recommendations do you have for credit union leaders to help them ensure their plan will work?

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League staff can assist credit unions with the development of various levels of business plans. Evaluation of the credit union's planning needs will help the credit union and League staff arrives at the best possible type of plan to create. Small credit unions may need only a few goals and detailed action plans to accomplish those goals. The more sophisticated and progressive credit unions may want a strategic plan to help them take advantage of their competitive opportunities.Many credit unions perceive disaster recovery/business continuity planning as a compliance issue only, not a member-focused concern. Why is that, and how can we change the perception?The Elko Federal Credit Union will: be the premier provider of financial and credit services to all of the residents of Elko, Eureka and Lander Counties as authorized and chartered in 1960 and thereafter amended. This will be accomplished as the Elko Federal Credit Union achieves their strategic objectives. Achievement of the strategic objectives is outlined in the Business Plan objectives.

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Recently, I was in a discussion with other credit union CEOs about sharing our Business Plans with our members. Credit Unions are member owned financial cooperatives. It seems reasonable that we would share our business plan with the member/owners of the cooperative. If you have an account with us – you are a member/owner.

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The mission of the Elko Federal Credit Union “to be the premier provider of financial and credit services” means: to be the best lending institution in the area serviced; help Members improve their financial well-being; provide excellent member service; and ensure a financially sound Credit Union. Employing capable management to build on our strengths and address our identified weaknesses will move the Elko Federal Credit Union closer to being the best as measured by customer satisfaction and business success. Sound business practices, operational profitability at levels that will ensure sustaining optimum capital adequacy levels, and a healthy lending environment are key to becoming premier. Continuous and constant implementation of the strategic and business plan objectives, given the plan assumptions, will ensure that our mission is accomplished over the long-term.

12 CFR 702.306 - Revised business plans for new credit unions

As we head into the last quarter of 2016, many credit unions are already looking ahead to 2017, setting business goals and creating or updating their strategic plans. Yet, all too often, those strategic plans become dusty documents on an office shelf.